Thursday, 3 September 2015

nerves and skateboarding dogs and stickers

You know that thing where your dog is skateboarding too loudly in the morning ... you don't? Right I forgot most dogs don't have their own skateboards. Tank is a strange one. I'm used to him of course, but yeah. Bulldogs are kind of not like real dogs sometimes.


Today is a normal day but then I have a mega long weekend and then school starts on Tuesday. And I AM SCARED. No, not really, I just have that back to school tummy. The air suddenly took on a crispness a few days ago, just in time for September.

I received a list of art supplies by email and went out and bought most of them immediately. I had to get a guy to help me because I didn't know what some of the stuff even was. That's true. And I got nervous because they could tell who my instructor was because of the particular-ness of the list and the expensive-ness of the stuff he asked us to buy. I subtly asked them if my instructor was scary and they said no but "he certainly knows what he wants". lol I guess that's a good thing but you guys

I am so afraid I'm going to be


What if everybody is already a comic book expert? What if they're all 18 year old prodigies? What if the class involves computer skills I don't have? What if what if what if what if what if

Do I bring all my art supplies the first day? How am I going to get my gigantic sketchbooks there on the bus when it's raining? Should I rent a locker? Will the sketchbook even fit in a locker?  How ... who ... what ... all the questions.

What if the first thing we have to do is like, draw a human and then everybody can do it but me? What if I'm the worst and everybody in the class are dicks about it?


I made stickers. You can win a pack if you tag someone on my instagram post or you can just buy some here.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

here and now

I am trying another new medication for anxiety/depression/panic shit and it's blowing my mind at the moment. I took half of a 25mg pill about half an hour ago, so like, half of the smallest size it comes in and whoa I am feeling pretty weird. The bottle says "may cause drowsiness" and you're not allowed to like, drive a forklift or what have you. No shit.

It's weird when you start one of these pills, you never really have any idea what's going to happen but you go ahead and try it because it's supposed to make you better. Usually it affects you weirdly for a few days until your brain settles down with its new seratonin doses, your body adjusts, and in my case, in about three months you're back floating outside your body, squeezing your fingernails into your fists and rubbing your eyes a little too hard while sitting at your desk at work hoping your boss doesn't notice you were just nodding blankly while she talked because you were actually behind your own eyes with a ringing in your ears so you couldn't possibly understand what she just said.

That's not a good feeling to say the least.

But yeah the first few days you feel it doing something to your head. You feel it in the way you know when you're dreaming, you feel it in your third eye, you feel it the way a worm feels a bird approaching from the sky.

That doesn't make sense but it's true.

Well, wish me luck because my brain chemistry is once again being altered a little bit and hopefully it's for the better.


Here are some drawings I did last night. I want to tell you guys this, even though it'll ruin the picture for you a little bit. The mummy man in the middle was supposed to be Pee Wee Herman but I couldn't get the face right so I made him into a mummy instead. hahahaha just google Pee Wee and you'll see the picture I was going for. I haven't given up on a Pee Wee portrait but that one was not working out.

The Beavis one is making me laugh still today. I remember that episode. Drawing is so fun!


I found some blank-covered Moleskine journals in a shop the other day and decided to buy them and make them awesome, then sell them for a small profit. I think they turned out pretty sweet if I do say so myself.


One final thing, I must insist you watch What We do in the Shadows. It is probably the funniest movie I've ever seen. I almost didn't stop laughing the entire time. The premise is a documentary crew follows around a bunch of vampires who are roommates in New Zealand. So good. I will never do it justice. I found the first 6 minutes on Youtube so you can get a feel for it. I love Peter the best lol

Friday, 28 August 2015

colouring book pre-orders available now!

You may remember that I was accepted into a pretty neato visual storytelling program. I am so stoked, not only because I love going to school more than anybody should, but also because I really feel like I'm coming into my own with artistic expression. I'm learning a lot just by trying out new techniques and experimenting on my own in my kitchen after work, but with some actual guidance who knows where I'll go?

So I made a colouring book. I did this as a creative challenge to myself but also because I seriously need help funding this program. College classes are always expensive but these ones are REALLY expensive. I don't know why, I guess because only 20 students are admitted every year so they make up for it by charging twice as much?

The book is going to be roughly magazine-sized. It is going to be "perfect bound" and I chose a paper that works with most typical colouring media. I tested it for bleed-through with a variety of markers and pencils. There is a place in the beginning of the book where you can test your markers/paints/whatever with a blank page behind it to see how it will look.

 Copics bleed through everything, lol

Pre-orders are only $12 within Canada and $15 anywhere else in the world (no taxes or extra shipping costs attached) for a limited time. I will also throw in extra fun stuff. This will help cover printing costs as well as maybe get me some top ramen or pencils or whatever it is kids these days need at college. 
The full title is "An Introduction to Procrastination and Creative Relaxation" and I have handed it all off to the printers. They've got test pages for me to OK for darkness etc early next week and then they are officially in production.

Here are some examples of what you will be getting!

In total I figured out I spent around 80 hours drawing for this book and did it all in under a month. It was a lot of work, to say the least.

To place an order PayPal/e-transfer the money to (and don't forget to give me your mailing address) or if you know me outside of the Internet we can work something else out. I appreciate each and every one of you, thank you!

Please share with your friends! :) Once these are printed they will be available in my Etsy store and at both campus bookstores at Camosun College. (How fancy am I?)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Almost there

I had a funny moment the other day where I realized I've been slowing down and putting off finishing this book. The Fear is getting me.

Capital The, capital Fear.

You know, that thing that causes so many artistic people to fail, give up, quit, act too cool ... that thing.

I'm almost done making a coloring book. 
Not scary at all, right?

Yes it is.
For no reason.

Ryan and I have been talking it out a lot, and I'm not letting it stop me. But you guys it is totally there and manifesting in strange ways. For example, nearing the end of my page goal my drawings started getting more and more elaborate. I ended up scrapping 3 pages halfway through because they weren't "good enough", that kind of thing. Wasting time, procrastinating, getting super picky.

Last night I started working on the cover and by the end of the night I was so upset, I hated it, it's stupid, it's ugly, I'm a loser, everybody hates me and I'm the worst at everything all the time forever ... you know, the usual.

But this morning I looked at it again and it's really cool. I think THE FEAR was getting to me. The cover is the final step. After that all I really have to do is have the designs approved by the appropriate authorities (make sure none are too weird or offensive I guess) and then bring my pages to the printer. And ... yeah. Done. Book made.

Here are some other pages from the book. These are all on my Never_See_Them_Fing instagram account so you may have seen them before, but all grouped together it looks like something I can be proud of.

What am I worried about really?

It's weird. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Illustrations by my guuurl Victoria down in Mexico. 
She sells prints, shirts and bags featuring her pretty things here.


And that's a little link post! :)


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Progress with the coloring book and a look at how bad I actually am at drawing alligator heads. And a special thank you deal.

It's coming along but slowly. I mean SLOWLY. My goal was to have 60 pages done by the end of this week. Well I have 30 so far. Um. Yeah. I am not giving up though, I REALLY want to get this thing ready for when school starts in a few weeks. Yikes! Oh my god school is starting in a few weeks and I'M IN SCHOOL AAAAGH

Anyway back to the coloring book, maybe I can do a few "easier" ones, like without spending hours figuring out how to draw an alligator head.

Oh, the alligator head. 

I cracked myself up so much trying to figure this out. This was me REALLY trying to draw an alligator, looking at reference photos and everything:

I was happy with the final one there in the bottom right corner. But aren't those other ones hilarious??? The top right looks like a Haida-style bird or something. And the top left has a disability or is about to sneeze maybe?

Anyway I am actually pretty proud of how the alligator turned out in the end.

I'm bummed about the death before decaf image pictured below, I got a case of wobble-hands while inking the coffee lid and it looks terrible. I might do that one over though, I'm super into the faux Starbucks/reaper logo I came up with.


I want to thank you, my blog readers, for being so wonderful and encouraging while I learn to draw. I feel like it's picking up speed now, I am getting better at looking at a thing and having the confidence to say "hey I can probably draw that thing".

I can't do much for you, but I can offer you a deal on Etsy shop. This coupon is good for the rest of the month of August. For anything priced $10 or more just use the code


and you will automatically get 50% off your order.

Tell your friends! lol

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Where I am

About a week ago Ryan bought me this pretty mosaic tile table so I can sit outside with my laptop and my coffee and hang out with the dog in the morning. And it's perfect. That chair is comfier than it looks. Tank is SO HAPPY when I come out and sit with him. I can hear the birds and squirrel fights. (Seriously there is a turf war or something happening in the trees each morning, you hear scuffling sounds and then branches and pine cones drop from 30 feet above.) The air is fresh, the sky is clear.

I make really good strong coffee.

The grocery store near our house makes raisin-less bran muffins and they are THE BEST. Tank likes the smell of them, maybe they smell a little like dog food I guess, but he begs so hard whenever I have one. I think it's funny that my food smells like dog food.

Everyone in the house is still asleep, they always sleep later than I do. I'm one of those "morning people" you hear about. I don't get how somebody could feel satisfied with their day after wasting so many hours in bed. But then again I go to bed at night much earlier than a lot of people, and they probably feel the same way about me.

We have two hockey nets in our driveway. I would make a Canada joke but it's a little hack.

I've been picking up comedian lingo from listening to so many podcasts run by comedians. I also feel like spending so many hours listening to funny and inspirational people talk has benefited me, like maybe I am a little bit funnier and a little bit more confident in my weird self.

Do you ever think that the name your parents gave you affected who you have become? Like maybe if I were a Jennifer instead of a Nova I'd be a banker who likes watching The Bachelor and listens to top 40 music?

Okay, that, ladies and germs, was what we call stream of consciousness writing. The end.