Monday, 25 May 2015

Dog pictures, only dog pictures.

When I was taking photos of my drawings yesterday this cutie got curious and allowed me to take his picture too. Usually he turns his head away at the last second but this time he was really into it.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Drawings

I'm way proud of this one, it all just came together so nicely. I'm really into those flower borders lately. They're just pretty and nice and cool and great and etcetera. 

The grey Looney Tunes background was a spur of the moment thing and I am so lucky it totally worked, it was a gamble.


I am so mad about this, This is a cool one, but I colored over a couple pencil lines on the lady's nose with Copic marker, and guess what, you cannot erase pencil after you do that. 


So yeah. Live and learn, right?

I want to do a lot of different monster/lady things in the future, they're really fun.


This one is weird, I know. It took me for-fucking-ever to make, so you all better appreciate the hell out of it. LOOK AT THE WEIRD BART SNAKE AND APPRECIATE IT. 

I got to try out my white Faber Castell india ink marker. It's great but not as opaque as I thought it would be. I had to layer it quite a bit to make the white look white. Still, better than nothing. And once it dries you can put colors over it too.


This one is postcard size on cardstock. The triceratops bones will glow under black lights. I took myself on a coffee shop date a few weeks ago with a pencil, an eraser, sharpies and a bunch of postcard sized bits of cardstock. This is one of the ones I drew. I finally finished it today.

Happy about it, I think it worked out nicely.


It's really hard to get a picture of those neon sharpies, they're so light reactive they always look washed out. In person they are BRIGHT. I'm such a fan. They sell them at the office supply store up the street from my house, and I am just tempted to go out and get handfuls of them. For some reason I'm paranoid they'll be discontinued.

This is one of my favorite Simpsons moments. 

Stupid sexy Flanders!


Tell me what you've made lately!

Friday, 22 May 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part 39 - bulldog skull

Hey I got a new tattoo today!!! :)

Last Saturday I said to my tattoo shop boss Gerry "Hey can I have a tattoo?" And he said yes and that was that. I texted him some bulldog skull photos and wrote myself into the schedule.

It's on the inside of my leg beside my knee, and took just over an hour to do. Gerry drew it with a little pinwheel flower/mandala type thing beside it, but I had my heart set on jamming it into this tiny space between a bunch of other tattoos, so we ended up just doing the skull on its own with some pretty hot pink around the edges.

I love it!!

Don't worry, Tank is actually really far away from my fresh tattoo, my leg is up on a chair and it took me like 15 tries to get this photo with them together.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


 I made this image my desktop background and literally feel crazy after about 2 seconds of looking at it. There are some things your eyes just can't even.



I usually put a video at the end of my links posts but nothing really stood out to me enough to share this time. So ...

The end.

Monday, 18 May 2015

You can sit around feeling sorry for yourself or you can try something.

 I started this post twice before deciding to NOT include any of those silly negative thoughts and the false upbeat overcompensation that comes with job loss. I've applied for four positions that are all for very good jobs. I am saving the grocery stores and other low-paying and/or retail jobs for if I become desperate. For now I have my hopes up about a couple good spots. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In other (kind of related) news, I opened an etsy shop. This is for my original drawings for now, and in the future I will probably sell prints there as well.

I gathered all my work together into one big pile and wow, I had 46 pieces to sell, not including the few I want to make prints of. So in total, I've created more than 50 drawings I am happy with. That's a huge number. And while writing this I just checked, I've already made a sale! That feels really good.

Tomorrow I am going to see if the printshop at the college will print something that's a swear word. Ha!

Here are a few of what I have in the store:


Some other things I've been up to:

Reading, being anti social, drawing, hanging out with the dog in the field a lot, taking care of my eyes, drawing some more...


I've had a couple of dumb weeks, and hopefully this is just the beginning of more, better, bigger, happier. I've made myself a tattoo appointment for this week, I'm job searching every day, I'm spending time in the sunshine, I'm going to the gym every once in a while ... 

Things will be looking up soon, I think.

Friday, 15 May 2015

funemployment and some drawings

I've missed writing in a blog, I've been away for a couple weeks now I think, due to a computer cord fraying issue. That's all it takes to separate me from my internet friends, one little disconnected wire. Somehow I survived without my normal morning routine of coffee and blogs. There was a lot of phone-staring, which is not quite the same.

I had a dumb week. Long story short, I am losing my college job (which has become my main source of income) in a couple weeks. It's one of those things that comes with the fatal combination of having a contract term end and having less experience at your own job than the other applicants do.

Still, it hurts my pride a little bit.

Try and imagine that your boss comes up to you on a Wednesday and tells you they are holding interviews for your job the following Monday. Then on the Monday you find out they are holding the interviews in a very NOT soundproof office right beside your desk, and you have to try and work the whole day while they cycle your possible replacements through, marching right past your desk.

You are the final interview of the day. When you go in and the interview begins your heart sinks. It is so specific. There are so many questions about how things work and why things are the way they are, and the entire ten months you've been working in that job you've been trying to figure that shit out on your own when you find the time, but are mainly just trying to keep things moving and honestly not caring so much about the hows or whys, just putting out all the little fires and worrying about whether or not you have the right books on time.

I've always been the job-quitter, never the laid-off person. I'm always moving on or moving away or moving up. Now I am left behind and have no idea what I'm going to do. Surprise unemployment does not feel good.

I have a couple weeks to show my supervisor what it is I do all day, and I've been working on spreadsheets of publishers and contacts and that kind of thing so my replacement doesn't have to walk into this thing as blindly as I did. Leave things better than they were when you go, right? 

So that's been my week. I went out today and bought a new cord for my computer so I can digitally dust off my resume and get back out there. Ugh. God fucking damnit, you know? Not fun.


Anyway I've been drawing quite a lot as usual. Here are some things I made in the last couple weeks:

A while ago at Michaels I found a huge pack of cardstock rectangles for super cheap. They're postcard size and perfect for doing little drawings on and trying things out. It doesn't feel like such a big deal if you make something ugly because who cares, it's basically a piece of thin cardboard. It's not a precious journal page or anything.

With the help of some transfer paper I've been able to easily do patterns in the background and more elaborate designs than I could before. Here are some of the finished ones. I honestly didn't realize basically everything I've done is a skull or creepy in some way until just now.


Here's another skull I did recently. It's kind of a conjoined head skull I guess. I've since added more black to the background and it looks better. I'm fairly pleased with this one but if I did it again I would probably make all the flowers the same color and less tie-dye looking.


I seriously love the way this one turned out. It's so pretty and such a swear word at the same time! I will probably make prints of this one at some point.

After doing the FUCK OFF thing I enjoyed the way tiny roses looked, so I tried it as a border. Its ok. A little too wavy on the right side. I sort of like this one, I feel like the white background is too white though and the devil's mouth area needs some work, it looks a little too ... I don't know, jowly?

Anyway it's really not bad for my first attempt at drawing a devil.

Gulper eels are the stuff of nightmares. This idea, of the floral thingies coming out of cuts on the body came from a snake painting I saw somewhere online a long time ago. It's not really my idea. I did it differently than that artist, of course, and added a bunch of other things but yeah. I feel weird even taking full credit for this drawing. 

Also, sidenote, grey copic markers are THE BEST.


 This was done on a day I really had not much going on. I decided to draw the entire Simpsons family in one day. The weird brown on Homer and around Bart is actually a metallic gold Sharpie. It looks way better in real life than in my crap instagram photos. I started drawing the Maggie in the bath and lost interest halfway through, and just kind of rushed to color around her in blue. You can totally tell.

I really like that Marge and that Homer. And the Bart. And the Lisa is pretty good too, except the broccoli/radish area. I'm super not happy with the blanket greens and reds I did there, I should have added way more dimension. 


These last three I feel just "meh" about for various reasons. The first one is a combination of very prolific tattoo images, plus a spinal column I feel like I pretty much nailed. I love how this looks here, but then I went ahead and put a bunch of ugly flowers behind it all and ruined it. The second one is a good idea, but I botched the execution. I made Hot Stuff into Krampus. I may try this again. And the third one, it's not that great but I'm rather happy about it anyway. We started watching the movie Annabelle, a scary doll movie, and I was like "I'm gonna draw Annabelle. 15 minutes later I had this. Sure she's a little cross-eyed and not perfect by any means but you know what? You can tell it's her and I just did it with no prep or anything.


How's your week?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Reading in 2015 - Books 9, 10 and 11 - Hit 'em and quit 'em

The library. Ah, the library. Ryan gets so frustrated when he brings me there, because even if I have books to read at home, and I say I don't want anything but I'll just be over there in the fiction section for a minute, he knows that I will take as long as humanly possible, and only leave when I cannot physically find a way to carry just one more book out of there.

I find the library a great place to try out new books. Usually when I have to pay for a book I will do so only after hearing great things, even if it's like a dollar at the bookstore there is no way in hell I am taking a chance it'll suck. But the library? I will grab whatever catches my attention because why not?

The only repercussion is having to make multiple trips back over there to return the (sometimes pretty heavy hardcover) books.

Anyway, these are three books I took a chance on and almost immediately quit.


Half Empty by David Rakoff

To be honest, I picked this one up half because I've heard of Rakoff before and half because of the funny cartoons on the cover.

I've heard David Rakoff is an AMAZING writer (it even said so in Amy Poehler's book!) but oh my god no. I couldn't. I just couldn't. There was something about the style that was so offputting to me I tried about four times and couldn't get past the first chapter.

With this book I am willing to admit the possibility that I am way off and was having a bad couple days, and I may try this author again in the future because I really wanted to like this book.


Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

I like his comedy so I assumed I would like the book. And it was funny but WAY too parenting-centric. I couldn't relate and got kind of bored of it after a few chapters, put it down and never picked it back up. Again, there is nothing wrong with this book but I just didn't ... get it.


The Bear by Claire Cameron

This one was written well and was very interesting, it's told from the point of view of a five year old girl who is camping with her parents and her little brother. And then her parents get eaten by a bear in the middle of the night and I guess the kids have to survive on their own but I never got that far because the book was so disturbing.

It sounds cool, right? Well it is. But I just couldn't handle how real it was if that makes sense. So I quit before the girl even realizes her parents are dead. Maybe give this one a shot and let me know how it ends.


So yup, I am quite the book quitter lately.

Read anything good yourself?