Saturday, 25 April 2015

new drawings

I have been drawing up a storm the past two weeks. It's what I look forward to every day at the bookstore, and all I seem to want to do at night. I've stopped all my other hobbies and pastimes (other than taking time for important events such as Game of Thrones on Sundays). 

So yeah, here's what I've been making, the good and the bad, over the past few weeks.

 Ryan and I went and saw that abomination of a movie, Chappie, in the theater. No idea why. We like Die Antwoord alright, and we like Neil Blomkamp. But we did not like this movie. Anyway it was basically a Robocop/Short Circuit/Die Antwoord music video.

So that's what that picture is all about. 


This one happened because

a) I started drawing Bart too close to the top of the page so I literally had to cut his head off and
b) I wanted to do that thing where there's some kind of light source that beams out a different color

Since Bart was laughing I put Krusty and Itchy and Scratchy and a TV in there. The eyeball, I don't know.

I wanted to try doing a flower that wasn't a rose or a tattoo-ey flower. And yeah, this is what happened. I don't hate it but come on, it's as square as the page and meh. Probably just needs more shading and stuff.


I think this one is so ugly! I have been forcing myself to finish things even though I think they're bad, just for the practice. So yeah, I think the grey background was a mistake with the bright colors. It makes the entire thing look washed out. And the darker yellow in Lisa's face went on really streaky. And the banner is too yellow. And the leaves are *almost* cool but look shitty against the grey. And the pink pearls around the edge are not all that circular. And the lettering should have been WAY bigger, you can hardly notice it up there in the corner.  And and and and .... all I can see are problems with this one. Yuck.


These are just some quickies I did in my smaller notebooks. I love the top half of the Moe one but I screwed up the writing at the bottom and the brown looks streaky. I might actually re-do this one later on.

The Die My Darling one is fine, I was just kind of fooling around and had a Misfits song in my head.

The lettering one, well ... it's ok. I guess. I like the top "I am trying to learn to do" bit the best. "learn" is a snake. I'm definitely going to work on my lettering in the near future. I may or may not have gotten a couple books on Amazon to help me with that.


It should come as no surprise that I do my best after working at the tattoo shop. I am rather proud of that top one with the "snakeock" or the "peasnake". That is actually just a couple Sailor Jerry flash animals grafted together so I can't take too much credit for the idea. But I like the layout and colors I used. 

Then I did the next one which is stiff looking but still ok. I called it "leaf nose McGee". The skull could use more depth and the flowers could be more dynamic.


I've been trying to understand watercolor pencils. Um, I have no idea what I'm doing.

I quite like how the beetle's back turned out in that first one, the shiny rainbow bit is neat. Dr. Zoidberg on the other hand? Meh. Would have looked better in marker. And I way overdid it with the rose in the first one. And the lady with no face looks weird. Whatever. I tried.
This is another Sailor Jerry flash combo, the big lady's hair is made up of smaller ladies, get it? I also used watercolor pencils for this one, you can see a TINY TINY bit of improvement from Dr. Zoidberg. I'm going to keep trying with those until I "get it".


I did these two yesterday. I had to travel to somewhere I had never been by bus, and left ridiculously early just in case. I ended up being 45 minutes early for my appointment so sat at a Starbucks across the street and started sketching a bulldog skull. When I got home I obsessively finished it, and then immediately started on a German Shepherd skull at my sister's request. Unfortunately I rushed coloring the second one a bit as I was getting tired and wanted to finish it before going to bed. And it shows. Especially around the mouth.

She also asked me to do a moose skull so maybe I'll do that tonight.

Again, I can see improvements and am happy with what I'm learning, even from the last drawing post I made.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April Links 2



These lion sandals were made in Ghana around the dawn of the 20th century. See more amazing shoes from history at the MET website.

Reading in 2015 - Book 7 - Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Positive, optimistic, funny, interesting, celebrity name drops, truth and inspiration. An entire chapter on the cast of Parks and Rec. An entire chapter written by Seth Meyers. Basically if you like Amy Poehler, you will like this book.

I have nothing more to say. 8.5/10

Monday, 20 April 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part thirty eight - In Your Face panther

I actually chose this one because Kyle Carter had done a painting of it when he worked at Tattoo Zoo and I just really liked it. I thought it was funny because moths always fly up in your face, plus it looks totally bad-ass. I added the words, and now it's kind of hilarious when I wear a pretty dress that shows anything over the knee.

When I was about 2/3 done getting this tattoo the phone rang, it was for me. It was Ryan. In the hospital. He had just been in a car accident. He was okay he said, but the car was smashed and he was just going to take the bus home.

I was lying there on the table literally getting the side of my knee tattooed, trying to convince him to take a taxi. It was the weirdest thing, we had about 30-45 minutes left on the tattoo, I didn't have a car or anything so there was no way I could help Ryan get home, and he insisted he was fine and to finish the tattoo. So I did, feeling insanely guilty and more and more panicked.

I still had a long-ass bus ride home, then I had to walk home from the bus stop. I ran most of the way, fresh knee tattoo and all.

I got home and he was lying on the couch and I cried from relief, he was there, he was (sort of) okay, I didn't kill him by finishing my tattoo. He ended up having to go through months of physiotherapy for soft tissue damage and this was years ago and he can still easily hurt his neck if he's not careful.

So that's the story of my in your face panther.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Reading in 2015 - Book 6 - I'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela DesBarres (NSFW)

First off, this is an ADULT book. Do not let your kids get hold of this until they're 18+ (haha) I had a hard time finding this book but have heard of it so many times that I went on a mission one day and found it in an amazing used book store for $4.20.

I opened it with high expectations and was not disappointed. Have you ever read the Electric KoolAid Acid Test or any of those books set in the time of real hippies and freaking out the squares and all that? I am fascinated with that time, and a lot of this book takes place around love-ins and all sorts of crazy shit I can't even imagine.

The way this book is written, I actually remembered feeling those lusty teenage feelings. And there are journal entries and photos throughout the book as well, making the entire thing even more fascinating.

This book had me Googling things like this:

 (Creepy-ass Tiny Tim)

And this:

(Frank Zappa's cabin)

And this:

(Pamela in the '60s)

There are so many stories that made me go WHAAAAT.

That being said, after around the halfway mark, the book starts getting really sappy; the story turns less into a sexual conquest and more into the quest for a husband. There are still little insane tidbits, little moments involving people like Jimmy Page, Elvis, Keith Moon and the like, that make it worth reading to the end, but I felt like the book lost its magic after she got into her mid 20s.

Just like the lifestyle of a groupie. 



Sunday, 12 April 2015

Reading in 2015 - Book 5 - Looking For Alaska by John Green

This is a hard one to write about without giving any spoilers. The gist of it is this: a gifted teenage boy gets into an elite boarding school, where he is placed with an eccentric roommate and meets a beautiful girl named Alaska. There's a coming of age-i-ness to the story, and it's quite good. There's also a countdown to something which I always find enticing. (Each chapter is titled something like "45 days before")

There are funny bits and sad bits and poignant bits, and it's an easy quick read. I liked it alright. I kind of had a tough time reading this though, no fault of the book's, because I was going through a very tired time in my life and was trying to read it before bed. So I'd get through half a chapter and fall asleep. I bet if I read it in larger chunks I would have liked it more.


I am very disappointed that I've only read five books so far this year. What the hell, me? I meant to hit 50 in 2015, but how the hell am I going to do that now? I'm months behind!! Somebody tell me some good short books to read! :)