Sunday, 23 November 2014

November Links 4

Ryan made a gif of me eating a giant thing of roasted cauliflower but for some reason he could only make it at ultra high-speed which I find hilarious. It looks like I REALLY like cauliflower.



Saturday, 22 November 2014


Today is my dad's birthday, and seeing as I am completely flat-broke all the time somehow I thought I would draw him a picture. This is his dog, Billie.  


This was literally the only photo I could find of her online. Wearing glasses. Okay then, I guess I'm painting a picture of a dog wearing glasses. Why not?

The first thing I did was make the picture black and white, because I thought I was just going to use those greyscale Copic markers to make this. 

Buuuuut as you can see ... it did not work out so well. 


I mean, it's not TERRIBLE but look at those dead lifeless eyes. Just ... no.

So I got really frustrated for a bit and then decided, hey, since it's already totally ugly maybe I should just try and fix it with some white paint. And so I did. And then I added some grey paint and some black and suddenly I liked it again. 

Good old paint.

The flash on my camera made the white paint seem like it is glowing blue in these photos, not sure why. It doesn't look like that in real life. But anyway here's the finished product.

Pretty close, right? 

Friday, 21 November 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part twenty three - my first tattoo ever...and I hate it

Okay well I can only seem to get this picture to load sideways which is fine by me because today I am showing you the tattoo I hate the most. I didn't even want to put it up here but, you know, full disclosure. All the tattoos must go up. Might as well get this one over with.

It's not even that bad, and I never got it finished. But my first tattoo was ... red tribal. And a naked lady. And blue mandala stuff behind it. On 1/2 of my back.

This picture was taken with a film camera just after I took the bandage off after getting the blue stuff added. I was 21 or 22 and living in Calgary, Alberta, and honestly believed that tribal tattoos were the coolest thing ever. I came from a small town where the only tattoos I ever saw were black shitty tribal dragons that the guy's friend drew. Oh and my ex boyfriend had a biohazard symbol on his stomach. So yeah.

This tattoo was absolutely brimming with meaning to me, every color, every shape, everything has a deep meaning that I now, ten years later, don't really remember.

Steve Peace, owner of Immaculate Concept and runner of the Calgary and Edmonton Tattoo Conventions, did this tattoo, and it's not his fault I hate it. He did exactly what I asked him to. Poor guy. haha

I wish I knew then what I know now about backpieces. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.

I think I will eventually cover this with ... something. The idea of a gigantic black panther head and some roses has come up and I might do that. Since everything is so light and barely has any black in it at all it shouldn't be super hard to cover. For now I just never wear backless anything because I'm embarrassed. It's really a shame.

People are always impressed when they ask what my first tattoo was and I tell them it was half of my back. The thing was ... I knew I wanted to have a lot of tattoos but I knew nothing about them. And there's the lesson for you out there who feel the same way. Do your research. Look at ten thousand tattoos and you'll get to know what you like and how great it can be. You'll know how to pick what you want and who you want to do it. But you have to do your research because not even the best tattoo artist can stop you from making a bad decision.

Do you have any tattoos you want to get covered up or you hate showing people? Tell me about it so I don't feel so bad!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

fight and bite

It's another Simpsons thingy. I put on a marathon of Undercover Boss (yes, I'm still on that) and found some reference online. I first sketched them out in pencil, and then went over it in ink.

Next I got out the old copic pens again and shaded some stuff, and added little details here and there.

It looked pretty good like that other than the too-dark flowers, but I still felt like drawing more, so I drew some flowers around it. I outlined them and shaded them in too, and then made a huge mistake by using the wrong shade in the cat while adding a shadow. Then I thought I could fix it by darkening the entire cat and ruined it. I got frustrated and rage quit without smoothing out the flowers. But the rest of it is ok.

so anyway...

We went on a date last night to an evening with John mother fucking Cleese. I can confirm, he is a real person, I saw him with my own eyes. He is 75 years old and still hilarious. He did a sketch with a woman from the CBC. He did a lady voice that was SO Monty Python I almost cried. I literally had tears in my eyes.


This guy, he knows how to give a birthday gift.


Ryan took a little video and stuck it on Instagram. It was a story about Mr.Cleese getting seasick while trying to film a scene dressed as a woman on a boat.
A video posted by @_darthskater_ on

I don't know what to say, except YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fantastic.