Tuesday, 23 July 2013

links and my life according to instagram lately ... spot the new stove :)

And now for a ginormous list of links.
Good luck, and I'll see you on the other side.
A character I used to know. Game of Thrones song parody thing. (video)
Strange historical markers. (photos)
Just some bears with really really cute ears. (photo)
Shirt better be able to help me find Bikini Bottom for $120. hahaha (image)
The art of tasting chocolate mindfully. (article)
This picture gives me vertigo. (image)
The last mermaid show. I'd love to see this! (article)
11 year old girl flees her home, says she'd rather die than be married off. (video)

Begging face

5 children's books that make me feel like I'm drunk. (article)
This. (quote)
I learned to speak four languages in a few years, here's how. This sounds so fun!! Yes I know how much of a nerd that makes me. (article)
Marrying a veteran was cool, and then it got difficult. (article)
The philosophy of cats. I want 45 cats right now. Magic cats that don't need a littler box. (blog post)
Funny lady gets flashed, makes a video about it. She's awesome. (article/video)
What's a Facebook shadow profile and why should you care? (article)

Tattoos they "wannado"

The LOVE tattoo, the most epic tattoo project I've ever seen. (photo)
The surgery was a success! (photo)
What makes you put down a book? (infographic)
How I used physical sensations when explaining colors to a blind child. (blog post)
1962 NASA rejection letter to a woman. (image)
If you've got questions about getting a job or about other managerial things, check out Ask A Manager. (blog)
The top ten most bizarre scientific stories. Some of these are kind of disturbing. (article)
Terrifying beauty regimes from the past. (article)


How to pack a suitcase like a flight attendant. (image/description)
This shirt tag tells it like it is. (photo)
Redditors tell their favorite Simpsons quote. I could read these all day. (reddit)
12 habits of happy healthy people who don't give a shit about your inner peace. (article)
The science of happiness, an experiment in gratitude. (video)
These tiny houses would be ideal for me if I lived alone. (photos)
Why Suzy's uncomfortable with porn blocking. (blog post)
Spotify's ten most misquoted songs. (article)
They really should make casts like this. It makes so much sense. And it's pretty! (photo)

"sushi" ... quotation marks because I only got edamame and different tofu dishes

The most disgusting book I could ever imagine exists. (photo)
My friend Sam's Holga photos of Chernobyl. (photos/blog)
A little girl asks the evil queen if she's still jealous of Snow White at Disneyland. This actor is awesome! (video)
How saying HMM instead of OK can make you thousands more each year. (article)
To me, ballet dancers are the most impressive human specimens on earth. (photos)
Stephen Harper's enemy list a reason to worry. (article)
The generation we love to dump on. (comic)
I'm almost thirty and terrified of losing my looks. I love the answer to this. (advice column)
My pet mushroom. Mushroom is a dog, just so you know. (article/photos)

Ryan sent me this

This cat is trying so hard to get the foot. (gif)
Black and white underwater photography. (photos)
Life rules. I agree with most of them. (list)
Why the civil rights allegory on True Blood is so misguided. (article)
Photographer uses sugar, cotton, feathers and chocolate to construct stunning landscapes. These are crazy! (photos)
Words I hate. (infographic)
What is it like to have won an unlimited supply of something? (article)
Dating behaviors I'm done with. So glad I don't have to go on dates. *shudder* (article)

Reading World War Z

18 money mistakes we've all made and can totally get past. (article)
Six YA books with minority characters. I haven't come across a non-white main character yet, maybe I'll check these out. (article)
How to be a charming dinner date, written by a part-time waitress. (blog post)
An example of the magic that happens at my work. (photos)
Animals dressed as other animals. (photos)
One shade of grey, a feminist fantasy. (comic)
The vitamin myth: why we think we need supplements. (article)
Want clarity? Stop thinking and start doing. (blog post)

New tattoo

Stand up shots. Comedians at a glance. (images/jokes)
This guy's adventure with a Blue Footed Booby is pretty cool. (photos)
I know what you think of me. (article)
Is great-grandma really R-Kelly? Having a sense of humor after a death in the family is really important. (article)
18 things my dad was right about. So true!! (blog post)
Check out Annika's photos of the Sunshine Coast. This is near-ish to where I live. (blog post/photos)
21 mantras for people who are ridiculously, painfully, excruciatingly overwhelmed. (blog post)

Simpsons everything

It happened to me: I almost married a millionaire 35 years my senior. (article)
Romanian's tale has art world fearing the worst. (article)
Just some really cool photos of Sri Lanka. (photos)
How does one become a forensic linguist? Because yes please. How forensic linguists outed JK Rowling (and others).
Proof that Canada isn't always the amazing tolerant "mosaic" culture we present ourselves as. (photos)
Modern day humanity's survival skills.  This is me. (comic)

Friend visits! 

Cat shaming. (photos)
The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distance. The Oatmeal. (comic)
Websites in the 1990s were shit. (images)
Jay Z's 99 problems, illustrated. (comics)
Caitlin gives 7 reasons she's glad her husband is working away from home. (blog post)
You're it. (comic)
Ever wonder what's in Prince's fridge? (article/drawing/interview)
Woodlands Resort goes the extra mile for its clientele. (photos)

 Guard dog

Thank you Kaelah, Nubby Sarah Von, Caitlin and Suzy again for always having great links posts that I can steal borrow from.

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