Tuesday, 6 August 2013

...annnd the subsequent bruising

This is the norm for me when I get tattooed on my thighs. Still, it never fails to surprise and then amuse me. I can't be the only one here who takes pride in a big ol' bruise. Like...I earned this with PAIN.

 I made the unfortunate mistake last night of wearing long-ish cut off sweatpant shorts to bed* instead of the boxer shorts I should have worn, woke up with pretty much the entire mouth/tongue area stuck to my clothes. *shudder*

Pro tip: if this ever happens to you get the clothing item wet, it'll come right off. It's just nasty dried plasma and dead white blood cells that your body has shed overnight, so if you wash that off you're good as new. When I got both of my foot tattoos I had my socks stick to them, so what I did was got right into the shower with my socks on.

The worst time for me was after I got the back of my other leg tattooed and took the bus to work the next day wearing a skirt. When I sat down my skirt kind of bunched up a little bit, so the part that stuck to my leg was actually the bottom of my skirt, I had no idea what happened, just thought my skirt was tucked up strangely, so I just pulled at it when I stood up. Ouch.

*I have no idea how Ryan can resist my sex appeal, seriously. 

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