Sunday, 18 August 2013

around here

Between going out for dinner and coffee/board game dates and eating after tattoo touch ups (aaahh) and surprise birthday parties I've been in and out of more restaurants this week than I have in months. Great for the social life, terrible for my poor tummy. I hate to admit it but I think I'm developing a bit of a soy sensitivity. A girl can only do so much deep fried food and tofu burgers. Dang.

The curse of going from meat-eater to vegetarian with no guidance is that you start to rely heavily on fake meat products. Because you don't know any other way to have a meal. What else would go in a sandwich? What else goes in a stir fry? What else do you eat beside your baked potato?

Yesterday I mistakenly ordered a plate of all white food too, which was oddly disturbing. I had a fried tofu "burger" on a white bun with some kind of white colored jalepeno cheese on top and mayo on the bun. I got fries on the side with garlic aioli to dip them in. There was one leaf of lettuce and one tomato slice, but other than that, all white. I never knew food color mattered that much to me until that plate arrived at the table.

Anyway enough bitching about tofu, here are some pictures from the last few days.

Yup, that's what my life looks like, basically. There are definitely more kids, internet and TV involved in my day-to-day, but you know, got to respect some peoples' privacy I suppose. And you don't want to see stills of the TV I've been watching do you? Maybe a couple? 

Pretty exciting life, no?

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