Monday, 5 August 2013

Gruß vom Krampus

 My home away from home.


Krampus, the Christmas devil. Did you know St. Nicholas is only one half of an ancient mythological duo? I found out about this guy only a couple years ago, and immediately added him to my "tattoos I want" list.

A couple months ago I finally booked in with Kyle to get this thing done. My original appointment happened to be while I was away after my brother died, so we had to reschedule...I hate getting tattooed and was scared (haha) so I managed to procrastinate in rebooking for weeks.

 I thought I was being soooooo original, picking out an ancient Christmas devil thing as a tattoo. Nobody I know has even heard of Krampus before. And then about a week ago I saw Uncle Allan AND Steve Byrne did Krampus tattoos!!! On the same day no less. Uncle Allan actually did TWO of them. haha I was like "NO WAYYYY" so I guess that means I've actually just got my finger right on the pulse of tattoo pop culture.

I am running short on fun easy spaces to put tattoos of a certain size, so we decided that he would only draw a real traditional style devil-y krampus-y head instead of the whole body. Krampus is usually depicted as being black or brown but I didn't want it to be just like a dark brown face with horns, so Kyle just went for it with whatever colors he thought would look good. The mint green face is the best! And the little pink lines in the horns too. (Although they didn't feel awesome, as he did them last, after all the other colors. OUCH) The entire thing actually wasn't that bad though, pain-wise.

I love it. It's so cool!!!

I had a fun time getting tattooed by Kyle. To see more of his work click here, and to be his friend on Facebook click here. He accepts every friend request...and believe me, there are a lot of them.

My view today. It's sooooo sore. 


I had a shitty time after getting the tattoo though. We finished around 6:00 and I. Was. Starving. Not to mention I had the post-tattoo grumpies. So I got him to tape the shit out of my leg with masking tape and bandages, got my bus pass out and booked it to the bus stop nearest the shop. I wanted to get home, like, yesterday. 

My bus stop is outside of my bank, so I went in to right an error I made with withdrawals and online shopping (oopsies), and when my statement printed out  ... I had 6.66! Right after getting basically a devil tattoo. Dun Dun DUUUUNNNNNNN. I put this picture on instagram and one of my friends said it's a sign I got the right tattoo.

Anyway so like I said I was grumpy and hungry and still had a long bus ride and walk home with a sore leg, so I hobbled back to the bus stop. My bus was due in about five minutes. Not bad. I stood there, being stared at as usual because I had on shorts and a t-shirt and it was a touristy Sunday evening. So. Many. Americans. Cruise Ship Tourists in khaki outfits, cameras slung around necks, socks and sandals. 

It was then that I felt something on my leg. A bug? Water? Did a bird poop on me? It's moving...running down my leg, almost as if ... FUCK MY LEG IS BLEEDING THROUGH THE BANDAGES. 

Talk about embarrassing, you guys. I don't know if I have ever felt so disgusting in public before. There I am, getting ready to sit on a public seat that is shared by thousands of people...with blood running down my leg. 

I kind of panicked a bit. I had sweatpants in my bag luckily but nowhere nearby to change into them. Victoria absolutely shuts down on Sundays after 5pm. All the malls and public washrooms were closed over an hour ago, and all I needed was a sink to wash up in and a place to put on pants. 

I ended up wiping the blood drips with my hand (gross) and then all-out running the six blocks back to the tattoo shop. Luckily I had my keys on me. I put on my sweatpants, cried a little bit in exasperation, washed up and called Ryan and begged him to meet me at the bus stop in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Because I missed the bus I was aiming for and the next one wasn't for another 25 minutes. 

It all worked out okay in the end but I just felt awful, that I was standing there bleeding and all those people were staring at me...some of them were bound to have noticed the blood and just thought how nasty "those tattooed people" are. 

Quote of the day: "It's okay, my sweatpants will soak up most of the blood"

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