Friday, 23 August 2013

Hey all you parents of little kids out there.

Hi, I'd like to request something from you. When you see a tattooed person, don't act like they're an elephant wearing glitter tap shoes flying a stunt plane exclusively for your child's amusement. The amount of times I've seen a parent of a toddler stop in their tracks, point at me and loudly exclaim something like "LOOK AT THE PRETTY PICTURES ON THE LADY" is unacceptable. You are probably raising another generation of gawkers and pointers. People who think "different" is equal to "weird" or "bad".

Instead just leave it. If they have questions that's fine but you don't have to overcompensate, be the "cool" mom, whatever you're trying to do there. It makes me into a spectacle when I'm just trying to go to the office store down the street for some fucking photocopies while there's time between appointments okay?

Damn, people are rude.

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