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Well guys, today I'm getting my thigh tattooed by mister Kyle Carter. To be honest I'm kind of nervous about it. Contrary to what you may think...and to my appearance, I hate getting tattooed. It hurts and I get all sweaty. BUUUUT I love having tattoos. So. What are ya gonna do? And the thigh isn't *that* bad. Except that my thighs have to be all out in public, which is always never fun.

I've had this links post sitting in draft form for a while, some of these may be a bit old in internet time. I feel like I'm finally getting my blogging mojo back. It's probably mostly because I moved back to Blogger. It's just easier. I don't need any fancy pants configurations or doo-dads. Just give me a blank screen and let me type and add photos with ease. And automatically configure those photos to fit nicely. That's all I need.

Anyway bla bla bla here's the links.

Did you hate the movie SIGNS? What about this theory? I kind of want to watch it again with this in mind. 
Cat reacts to seeing owner after six months away. (video)

Pointless daydreams. (illustrations)

Caribou "stealing" a man's wife. Imagine the Benny Hill music with this. (gif)

Nicholas Cage as your favorite Disney princesses. (gifs)

The gynotician. (video/blog post) hahaha David Cross is so funny. 

The (monetary) price of being a superhero, then and now. (infographics)

Female protagonists are on the rise, diversity isn't. (blog post)

Repair her armor. (blog)

Delicious pear cider.

Here is a video of Bill Hader talking about Bill Hader Needs Clothes on Conan. (tumblog/video)

15 signs J.K. Rowling wrote that book you're reading. (article)

The dirtiest song from the 1930s. NSFW obviously (video)

22 things you're doing wrong. (buzzfeed list)

Hey, want to learn a new language? Try DUOLINGO. It's free and easy. And fun in a super nerdy way. (website)

Caitlin on getting older. (blog post)

The most beautiful miniature books. (photos)

Speaking of Bill Hader, here's a complete list of all of New York's hottest clubs. (article)

The Rape Joke. Wow. (trigger warning) (poem)

 Sidewalk chalk.

The amazing thing that happened when I decided to be nice. (article)

One American prison keeps records of its prisoners' last words. (article)

2 New York friends were tired of dating strangers and decided to chronicle dating each other. 40 days of dating. (blog)

Porn sex vs. real sex explained using food. (video) nsfw

Look at these rainbow mountains. Just LOOK AT THEM HOW IS THIS REAL (photos)

Charlie and the Seal. Charlie's laugh is almost cuter than the seals! haha (video)

Have you ever read the short story The Egg by Andy Wier? it now! (story)

Try the McGurk effect: our sound perception is affected by our sight! (video)

How to tell someone how to sex you up. (advice column) And check out the sexual boundaries list it links to. And mojo upgrade.

All my exes live in texts. Why the social media generation never breaks up. (article)

This tumblr will ruin your childhood books and it's amazing. (tumblr blog)

Goosebumps for grown ups. (blog post)

Modern etiquette: navigating food allergies and dietary restrictions. Here's one I follow: don't eat peanuts or spray scents in enclosed public places with strangers around. (blog post)

Don't put ice cream in your eyes. (tumblr)

Check out the new guy at my work...Mason LaRose! He starts August 6th. (website)

(Uncle) Jesse and the Rippers! (video/article)

10 rules of the internet. (blog post)

Was all that time I spent watching Netflix worth it? (article)

Why Stephen King spends "months and even years" writing opening sentences. (article)

18 hilarious passive aggressive notes. (photos)

 Begging face. Hard to resist.

The costumes on Game of Thrones are so detailed!! (photos)

The difference between urgent and important. (blog post)

How to be an atheist without being a dick about it. (article)

This picture made me laugh out loud for seriously like five minutes. Someone took a picture of a camel and used the walking dead app to make it look like a zombie hahahahaha (photo)

Okay, Kid Snippets may be the funniest things ever. Kids voice-act a scenario and then adults make a video using their voices. Terrible explanation, just watch this one about the bank. hahaha (video)

25 very interesting and totally weird facts. (photos/facts)

Careful with that knife, haha. (movie stills)

I don't know if this photo is real or not but it gives me a feeling of primal terror when I look at it. (photo)

Just a parrot saying "WHAT THE FUCK" hahaha the third one's the best. (video)

I eat a lot of carrots. (comic)

Amazing colored pencil portraits. (images)

What can the TV show Friends teach us about relationships? (article)

Give yourself a fucking break. (blog post)

What might happen if you were swallowed by a whale? (video)

Visiting Russia: the logistics and the red tape. (blog post)

Real life Barbie says she's from outer space. We might agree.  (article) Vice also has a video out about her. (warning, autoplay!) I...kind of like her in a weird way.

I can't imagine the pressure poor Kate Middleton feels under this media blitz.  I never want to be famous. (article)

An abandoned underwater strip club in Israel. (photos)

Caitlin on marriage, fidelity and trust. (blog post)

 DJ Hero

Photographing San Francisco punk with Ruby Ray. (article/photos)

How NOT to run a print publication nowadays. (article)

Yeah annnd I'm moving out. (photo)

A map of where the Disney movies occur. (image)

6 unconventional but scientific ways to be the happiest person on earth. (article)

What a kangaroo really is. (photo)

There are 2 new books out about my favorite Spanish language writer, Jorge Luis Borges. (article)

Film feminism. (blog post)

A rare glimpse inside the research stations at the end of the world. (photos)

I kind of want the one with the planets around it.

26 weird animal mating habits  GROSS (video)

What wi-fi would look like if we could see it. (images)

Braces. (gif)

These owls are up to something suspicious. (photo)

Sunrise on the Matterhorn. WOW! (photos)

The best little checkpoint in Texas. (article)

Pictures of Sesame Street puppeteers and Jim Henson in the 70s. Is it just me or is Ernie totally sexy? lol (photos)

Aubrey Plaza got in a bikini for GQ and then endlessly trolled her interviewer. (article) Also...Aubrey Plaza as Daria? Perfect! (video)

Six-legged giant finds secret hideaway, hides for 80 years. (article/bug photos)

 Busy day at work yesterday.

10 feelings to feel before you die. Interesting...pretty parent-centric if you ask me. (list)

I have dated several crack dealers. (article)

How to tell if a toy is for a boy or a girl. (infographic)

SNL actors breaking character. (video)

AHHH why is this pillow out of stock? It's so cool! (store)

A shark's entire nervous system, plasticised. This looks like a Body Worlds exhibit (which I would strongly recommend everybody to go to some time, I've seen two, they're amazing). You're not allowed to take pictures! Someone broke the rules! (photo)

Ahh, finally a tampon commercial I don't hate. (video)

Parties we should be having instead of weddings. (article)

 Going in for a closer inspection of his shoe laces.

So you want to write a book? WANT is not good enough. (blog post)

Stop complaining about so-called weird baby names. (article) YEAH says Nova

I'll try anything once: I went on a date with my catcaller. Yeah, pretty much what you'd expect. (article)

Relationships 101. I agree, it's crazy the way some couples speak to each other! (blog post)

Do we care less when a sex worker dies? (article)

How to deal with a blind (aka under the surface) pimple. (blog post)

Stuff you hoped to have in your twenties vs. stuff you actually have. (photos)

How to visit Montreal on the cheap. Wait, that's possible? (blog post)

The conversation we need to have about women and anxiety. (article)

Couch hog. 

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