Monday, 19 August 2013

links and kids getting knocked over by cats and dogs



7 ways dating a rock star is different than you think. (blog post)

Star Wars fans geek out over princess Leia hijabs. (article)

Taxidermy deer with wolf's teeth. (photo)

Female comedians tell HBO, "We want to see more dongs". (blog post/video)

The title of this picture was "naked woman in a mosh pit" and I can't unsee it!! (photo)

I  know you've probably seen a skateboarding dog before but have you seen one who can do a kick flip? (video)

Meet Monette and Mady Malroux, identical twins with identical lifestyles. (article)

Unfortunate sign burn outs. (photos)

Did you know women aren't allowed to ride in the Tour de France? (blog post)



Evidence of Viking outpost found in Canada. (article)

12 old words that survived by getting fossilized in idioms. (article)

For the word nerds: a field guide to uncommon punctuation. (blog post)

Neil Hilborn's poem OCD wow annnd I'm crying. So good. (video)

20 ways to feel awesome even when you don't feel awesome. (article)

Nike apologizes for appropriating Samoan tattoo patterns. (blog post)

Ashton Kutcher ... gives good advice to teenagers? whoa. (video/blog post)

Of course all men don't hate women, but all men must know they benefit from sexism. (article)

A trick to feeling pretty. I might try this one. (blog post)

137 reasons to ignore most marriage advice. Caitlin is soooo right on this one. (blog post)

The pursuit of unhappiness. (article)


Here's some advice from a redditor about street harassment:
 It's simple and polite, but I think it would totally throw them right off.


Salman Rushdie: Living in hiding felt like comedy routine at times. (article)

Henry Rollins on "selling out". (quote)

33 really great writing tips. Not your usual "write every day bla bla" (blog post)

20 things 20 year olds don't get. (article)

Rally hard. (blog post)

On resisting the urge to cyber bully my high school tormenter. (article)

A year of living without. A cool idea, really cool. I like it because it's not super extreme, this is something anybody could do.  (blog post)

The "moreo". Wow, hahahaha. I wish. (article)

E Pluribus, Generation X. (article)

National Geographic sent out little robot recorders into the Serengeti and got some amazing footage of lions. Absolutely stunning. (photos/video/everything)



Pajamagrams. Send the gift of relaxation. Amazing. (shopping)

Taipei looks pretty awesome. Except for that toilet restaurant, what's that all about? (buzzfeed list)

Have you seen The To Do List yet? It. Is. HILARIOUS. For real, it is so funny. Here's Aubrey Plaza talking about a scene she had to do. (video)

Quit talking about likable characters! (article)

Chuck Palahniuk's writing tips. Nuts and Bolts: "Thought Verbs".  So good!!(article)

Josh Weathers, yes, a man, covers I Will Always Love You. And KILLS it. Song starts at 1:30. (video)

Tie-in websites for the show How I Met Your Mother. (list of websites)

Dear daughter, I hope you have awesome sex. A dad's letter to his daughter. I love this.  (article)

Not amused with her new puppies. (photo)

Black Tattoo Art II: modern expressions of tribal. It's a tattoo book. Mikel, the fella who did the beautiful mandalas on my arm, is in it! If you've got some extra cash, this book is coming out soon. (blog post)

Impress-a-vention. The John Malkovich one is so spot on it's ridiculous. (video)

Wine etiquette. (blog post)



NSFW Juggalo pictures. Ryan's and my guilty pleasure is everything Juggalo related. We love to hate them. (pictures)

Palm tattoos. (blog post)

Oxytocin can cause emotional pain. (article)

Dealing with jealousy. (blog post)

Is your dried fruit safe? I also heard something about (non-organic) raisins having TONS of pesticide in all those little nasty wrinkles. YUUUCK (blog post)

A photographer's perspective on Pintrest. THE PRESSURE how can they stand it? (blog post)

Have you heard of the movie "HER"? It looks so tragic and so good! (trailer)

An entire glossary of sexual and scatalogical euphemisms for you to enjoy. So many words for penis. (list)

Here's an Italian chihuahua doing yoga. (video)

How to make your own rum at home. Looks messy and kind of dangerous! (photos)

This is an important discussion: solidarity is for white women. (article)



Did you know your clitoris is ginormous and internal and nobody knew it until 2009? (NSFW-ish for anatomical drawings) (article)

It takes a special kind of weirdo to appreciate vine. Here are some of the "greatest" vines of 2013. (video)

How to make a TV drama in the Twitter age. (article)

Mildly disturbing I guess but also very very cool - scarification of somebody's thigh/butt area with pretty little designs. OUCH (photos)

Dads at a One Direction concert hahaha it's really sweet, they must really love their daughters to put up with that (photos)

Amazing fireworks (gif)

Skatable art is not a crime! (article/photos/videos)

Will Farrel and Jimmy Kimmel fight over tight pants. (video)

Are yellow teeth stronger? (article)

The five unusual habits of George Orwell. (blog post)

Found, never seen before, pictures of the Rolling Stones. WHAT!! (photos)

Girls escape forced marriage by concealing spoons on their person in airport security. Smart! (article)

Hot dog legs. Are they hot dogs or legs? (tumblr)


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