Sunday, 11 August 2013

links and some of Ryan's funny vines

Ha. If you're on Vine you should follow Ryan.  

His handle is "TheInappropriatelyAgedViner".

He's hilarious, and I don't think I'm just saying that because I'm all in love with him and stuff. There's costumes involved and soundtracks and sometimes Tank in sunglasses or underwear. All for a six second video. That's my man! haha I feel like this kind of thing takes Vine from "extra long instagrams" to something next level.

For best viewing, click on the little volume thingy in the top left corner of each video...make sure your computer volume isn't at full blast first though.



I love the idea of these alarm clocks but would absolutely hate owning them. (article)

Will a sheep's wool grow forever? (article)

10 of the best possible worst case scenarios. (blog post)

How to be a great travel partner and guest. (article)

The opt-out generation wants back in. (article)

Prof or hobo? (quiz)



McDonalds proves it's impossible to live on minimum wage. (article)

Algeria's tattoos: myths and truths. (photos/article)

A kid asks Yahoo for help writing his book report, gets more than he was expecting in response. (article)

Watch this gif and blink quickly. (gif)

Telescopic text. This is pretty cool! (interactive website)

Discovery channel owes its viewers an apology. (article)


The most debonair dog you've ever seen. (photos)

Who exactly is on a movie set and what do they do? I always wondered what a "grip" was. (video)

This random act of kindness is sweet. Although I kind of feel like uploading it to the internet and being like "look how awesome I am" kind of cancels it out. Still, nice sentiment. (video)

The kite patch: an anti-mosquito force-field. (article)

7 moths that make butterflies look boring. THE WASP MOTH IS TERRIFYING(photos)

Kaylah's photos of a cicada coming out of its ... thingy ... are pretty cool. (blog post)



Boys needed. Men should be feminists too. (article) Related: 101 everyday ways for men to be be allies to women. and The Male Privilege Checklist

Teenage brains. Why we took all those stupid risks from a scientific point of view. (article)

 How to deal when you're caught masturbating. (comic)

Oh the majestic dolph-BONK oops. (gif)

Seriously...don't pussyfoot around, saying "You know, the one with the ... curly hair? That's so much worse.  (photo)



Painted by a Breaking Bad fan. I'm so excited for the final season!!! (image)

Smart! How to keep your baby calm during a photoshoot. (photo)

What a difference the camera angle makes. (gif)

A black sand beach in Iceland. Brr. (photo)

That's not cat food! (photo)

Here's what happens inside you when a mosquito bites. (article/video)



Nearly 2 hours of bloopers from The Office. (video)

Best weirdest parenting ever. (story)

These dad and daughter photos are so awesome! (photos)

Whoa dude, don't honk at this motorcyclist! (gif)

A list of ten evil experiments practiced on humans. (article)



15 super athletic feats that may never be topped. (gifs)

Burglars return stolen goods to group that helps sexual assault survivors. (article)

These forest homes are lovely! (photos)

Fill in the blank blog post ideas. (blog post)

33 facts. I just recently learned the one about caterpillars turning into butterflies...I had no idea it was SOOOO complex. I mean, I didn't think it would be easy to turn into another completely different animal but still. Dang. (images/words)

The ultimate packing list for full-time travel. (article)



Las Luchadoras - a documentary about female Mexican wrestlers.  (website)

Dear blank please blank. Open letters. (website)

Posing cheekily with statues. The fourth one is happening like a block away from my work! (photos)

George Saunders tells grads to "be more kind" in a really awesome grad speech. (article)

Are smartphones killing memories? (article)

These broken GIFs are the scariest things on the internet. (gifs)

This kid must have felt like a god. (video)



Cookie the baby penguin gets tickled. (video)

The "ghost rapes" of Bolivia. Disgusting, horrifying, atrocious.
Fun, mainly unrelated fact: my family comes from Mennonites on my dad's side, I'm just a few generations away, my great grandparents fled from Russia to Canada, still speaking German, but luckily for me chose to live a more modern lifestyle. (article)

6 things you thought wrong about introverts. (article)

Beautiful photo of a baby sea turtle. (photo)

This cat hates finger snapping. (video)

Experiments reveal that crabs and lobsters feel pain. :(  (article)



Artwork by people with autism. WOW some of these are amazing! (images)

The coolest missed connection I've ever seen. (craigslist post)

The ends of the road. (photos)

America's forgotten pin-up girl. Looks more like me! Cheese and crackers in bed? Yes! haha  :) (article)

Why you should stop entering design competitions. (article)

The feminist guide to non-creepy flirting. (article)



Click on each of these names to find more fabulous links posts. I may or may not have just gotten most of my links straight out of these posts. Anyway they're definitely worth a look.


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