Sunday, 11 August 2013

nice morning

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I had the most lovely morning with Tank the dog. We were out of coffee so we got dressed, me in my denim on denim (Canadian tuxedo) and Tank in his "suit" (harness). We had a leisurely stroll over to the closest coffee shop with plenty of sniffing breaks. When we got there I tied him up to a table outside and told him to "stay". He stays like such a good boy. He watched me through the windows, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, panting with the exertion of just being a bulldog.

I asked for a cranberry almond scone and a "shot in the dark" aka "red eye" aka "damn girl that's a lot of caffeine". I also bought a half pound of coffee beans. When I walked outside it was suddenly pouring rain.

Sunday morning around my neighborhood is really quiet. I live near a ton of big box stores so there's not neighborhoods full of people everywhere mowing their lawns  and, you know, whatever, Sunday-morning-ing around. Later on in the day is another story, but at 8am it feels like a vast concrete ghost town near my place.

When I stepped out the doors of the coffee shop to get back to Tank it smelled like rain outside (did you know that smell has a name? It's petrichor for those who care.) Fog rolled through the hills in the distance, Tank was lying on the section of patio covered by an awning, "supermanning" we call it, the way he lays with his legs all splayed out around him.

My plan had been to grab him and juggle all the things home but instead I just sat in a seat and enjoyed the peace. A little bird hopped by and we watched it. Restaurant employees arrived to work in taxis. The rain slowed and eventually stopped, I finished my scone and sipped my coffee and enjoyed the layers of grey upon grey.

It was an absolute West Coast feel. My Alberta roots can still appreciate the verdant dampness of a rainy morning with the open heart of an eager tourist. It felt kind of exciting and inspiring and calming all at the same time.

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