Saturday, 3 August 2013

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Just a little update so you know I'm doing fine. I haven't been writing very much and there's no good reason for it other than there's never really a nice quiet space around the house. My creative process is apparently very fragile and elaborate. I need a warm-up period of uninterrupted alone time, not to mention more uninterrupted writing time. I may have to start getting up earlier because nobody in this house likes mornings except for me.


Yesterday I went to orientation for a new casual position I got at a college bookstore. I'm going to be working as a cashier and a "floor helper" (I guess helping people find their books for their courses). They hired twenty of us casuals, which seems like a lot but there are two campuses and pretty much everybody there was either a student or had another job to work around so it makes sense to hire so many. We were hired mainly for "rush" period, you know, the first week of classes when 99% of people panic and buy their books at the last minute. It actually sounds kind of scary and exciting...line-ups around the block for days, security at the doors, that kind of thing.

 Could you guys do me a favor this year? If you ever see me complaining about a single thing about this job, just remind me that I'm getting paid more than I ever have ever ever ever, and I get to work on a college campus? That'd be great. Thanks.

We've hired a new artist at the tattoo shop, his name is Mason LaRose. He did a guest spot a few months ago and we all liked him a lot, and his work is awesome too. I'm excited about it. He starts in a few days.

We've also started to do more social media things at the shop, which I'm really excited about. Mainly because I think it's fun to do, but also because I feel like the people I work with deserve more exposure and I want to get their work out there. They're good people and solid artists. We have a really great team at the shop right now. So we're on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. Plus here's the website. Basically it's just me posting on all these platforms most of the time, so it would really make me feel good if you could follow us haha.

The most fun thing we've started doing is the "blue plate special". We pick out a flash piece or two that we really like or that one of the artists wants to do, and we put it in the window, literally on a blue plate with a very reasonable price tag. It's fun because people walking past can get an idea what the shop is about, plus if they come in to get it the artists get to do something they want to do. Here are some of my favorites we've done so far:

(click for a larger view)


Speaking of tattoos, I have an appointment to get an american traditional version of a Krampus head, by Kyle at my work. I'm SO FUCKING STOKED...I was supposed to get this a few months ago but my appointment happened to be right around the time my brother died and yeah...I was in no shape to be getting tattooed to say the least. Anyway I'm sure I'll post pictures of it all over instagram and this blog when it's done.

I'm also thinking about getting Caroline to give me one of those mystical unicorn heads from the blue plate special...hmm...


As the calendar page flipped, so has the weather . It went from sunshine and lollipops to dismal winter rain over the past two days. I admit, I was complaining about being too hot and not having enough summer clothes to wear. So it's probably my fault. I didn't kill any spiders though, I put them outside.

So yeah that's basically my life up to date. I've got a funny handsome boyfriend and a snoring bulldog in the house with me right now, I'm supposed to be getting dressed for work but I'm blogging...pretty typical.

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