Friday, 6 September 2013

busy bee

 bus stop selfie

Well if I've learned anything it's that working in a college bookstore during rush (aka the first week of classes) is no joke. You will be so busy your legs will ache from squatting down to look at low bookshelves but you will feel buff from carrying around so many books. Your head will swim from the amount of quasi-robotic movements you will have to make as a cashier but the time will fly by so fast you will barely believe the clock is right. Before you're even quite finished with the last person the next one is there right in front of you.

Hi did you find everything okay?
*scan scan scan*
This is our return policy...
Here's your receipt, do you want a bag for those?
Okay see you later hi did you find everything okay? etc.

All in all though I'm really enjoying it. The sort of core staff of people I'm working with are that kind of nice person/sarcastic person combo that works really well with me. You know, good sense of humor but kind of a dick. And I like the change of pace from the tattoo shop. It's two completely different worlds, that's for sure. Although Victoria's a small enough town that I've noticed some customer cross-over which is funny, the people I know are super heavily tattooed are all dressed super conservatively and I feel like I'm outing them when they're trying to look professional in front of their classmates. I hadn't seen one girl since she was lying nearly completely naked crying after getting her back tattooed for seven hours...when she saw me there we were both thinking the same thing. I could see it in her eyes.

My only complaints are

a) my stupid goddamn fucking feet hurt so much all the time that I've started just carrying ibuprofens in my pockets, they at least ease the inflammation enough to (kind of) get through the day alright. (Chronic plantar fasciitis y'all. Don't get it. Wear proper shoes when walking a lot.) 

b) THE BUS aaagh. To start at 8am I have to leave my house at 6am, walk 1.5km and take two buses. Then I leave there and go to the tattoo shop, which is another bus. And then from there, another bus home and the walk again. It just feels like taking the bus is another part-time job in itself on the days I'm working both jobs. I'm going to have to get into some really good books I guess.

So I'm through the first of the two very busy weeks and then I have no idea what's going to happen after that. I don't know if they'll even need us casual workers until the January rush begins. Sometimes it feels like I'm just winging my entire life.


So yeah that's why I've been kind of MIA here and on twitter/instagram/ breathing space, no down time.* On top of all that there's getting the kid ready in the mornings, plus he's been sick, plus the dog needs walking, plus making dinner plus housekeeping stuff plus running errands between it all plus Ryan's working his graveyard shifts plus the kid is starting drum lessons and skateboard lessons etc etc etc. It's just been a big adjustment and a lot of schedule juggling. 

*okay there was actually a bit of down time last night and the night before but my reality shows are in the final episodes and they're always two hours long so there was a lot of Master Chef watching and So You Think You Can Dance, and they go from 8pm to 10pm which is a lot of time spent watching one show when you think about it. But OH the drama. Anyone else into these shows?

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