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Epic links post for your first week of September.


Mergabernder, Chelle's school supply shopping is somehow hilarious. (blog post)

Three posts on Miley Cyrus' VMA performance. On exploitation, On sexist double standards, On the reaction of white feminists to the racism.I watched the performance and it made me feel sick and uneasy. Racism does not sit right with me at all. Related: When pop stars flirt with bad taste.

Literally the best thing ever: Aerosmith's Crazy video. (blog post)

Photos reveal what it's like to have anxiety issues. (photos/article)

Tattoo copyright and celebrities. (blog post)

I saw this video on vine and it made me laugh out loud. (gif)

True story: I'm a first generation American. (interview/blog post)

X-rays of corset wearing women from 1908. (photos/article)

Genetics are awesome. Composite photos of family members. (photos)

Ask a grown man: Bill Hader edition. (video)

AAAGH look at this child's skull cutaway showing the two sets of teeth. So. Gross. (photo)

Pug is very very very excited to go see the kitty cats. (video)

Don't bring your baby to the beluga tank! (photo)

Someone doesn't like walkies. (photo)

Most parents (in the UK) post pics of their kids on the internet an hour after being born. (article)

Nicole talks bluntly about her bipolar disorder. (blog post)

So...did you know Gangster's Paradise came from a Stevie Wonder song? (video)

In defense of the word "like". I wrote a blog post defending "like" years's a valid and nuanced hedge word. (article)

Suzy's announcement brought tears to my eyes. (video)

Action park, the world's most dangerous amusement park.  That upside down waterslide, really??? (videos)

Gigantic hand-painted murals. Imagine the planning involved! (photos)

How to argue on the internet without becoming a troll. (article)

Maybe you get bad customer service because you're a bad customer. Yup. (article)

7 trendy "super foods" - are they worth the money? (article)

How to escape from a nursing home. (video) All of Mister Forthright's videos are hilarious.

Samsara documentary gives a heartbreaking glimpse into the cycle of factory meat. YES YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS. Caution, graphic images...but it's the truth. Watch this and see how you feel about eating that hamburger. (video/article)

Killer whale vs. great white shark. The narrator sucks but it's still pretty cool, (video)

This may be the ultimate pintrest fail. So funny. (photo)

26 current TV series that are worth binge-watching this season. (article)

18 ways Adventure Time will make you a better person. (buzzfeed list)

23 signs you're secretly an introvert. This post was written specifically about me, I know it. (article)

J.D. Salinger will publish five more books! (article)

15 things you absolutely must know about social media or your face will melt off and be eaten by goats. Ahh blogging. So stupid. And who would know better than Jenny? (blog post)

A dog fell asleep in the rain. (photo)

So Conspiracy Inc is selling off some prints in their online store. GO BUY THEM YOU FOOLS.

Two ways to open an egg. Quick little poem.  (blog post)

My internet friend Coralene was brutally attacked at a concert a few days ago, she posted on instagram about what happened. This is absolutely shocking and I hope with all my heart those motherfuckers get caught and go to jail. (photos/story)

Welcome to Night Vale. Oh, this sounds interesting! (blog post)

An ET inspired photo shoot. (photos)

How to identify crisis pregnancy centers. It's so disturbing to me that these exist. They are not there for the good of the mother, that's for sure. (blog post)

Bob's Burgers is the most sex positive show on TV. (article)

Kaelah and Mike's roadside lemonade stand would make a sweet backyard bar as well. (blog post/DIY)

A trip to Monowi, America's one woman town. (blog post)

Dandelion as a light source. So pretty. (photos)

This keychain tells the ultimate yet simple truth about owning a bulldog. (etsy) 

7 book dedications that basically say "screw you". (article)

What a supermodel taught me about comparing yourself to others. (article)

It don't gitmo better than this. (article)

Stephen Fry on the church. "Then what are you for??!" haha (video)

The truth about size zero. (article)

The 27 club. (blog post)

I went to a 'death cafe' in NYC and had conversations about the afterlife. (article)

The psychology of color in marketing and branding. (article)

An abandoned house in the woods and its animals. (photos)

Oh baby I want a gin fizz right now. (blog post)

Caitlin gives us some late 20s realizations and affirmations. Very relatable stuff. (blog post)

9 qualities of truly confident people. (article)

7 reasons getting a kitten is awesome and also terrible. (blog post)

Sugar love, a not so sweet story. (article)

How to be a great dinner party guest. (article)

What to do when you've made somebody angry. (article)

Fantasy, reality, and the myth of 'real sex'. What "porn sex vs. real sex" gets wrong. (article)

The poorest rich kids in the world. (article)

Photographs of the Earth from above, from the ESA archives. (photos)

The god of SNL will see you now. (article)

The 23 unwritten rules of email. (article)

30 years, 30 lessons. (blog post)

How big is our moon? (image) And I think I just found another awesome blog to follow!

11 ways to get home faster if your flight's delayed. (article)

If mugging were treated the same as rape. (analogy)

How to flag a cab. (blog post)

All the bras. (comics)

Wildcatting: a stripper's guide to the modern American boomtown. (article)

When your (brown) body is in a (white) wonderland. (article)

Have I linked to New York Normal yet? (blog of illustrations)

On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs. (article)

Did you know Lysol was originally advertised as a douche? (images)

True facts about the mantis. A ZeFrank video.  "I'm just touching him. JUST KIDDING"

100 pieces of advice. (list)

Reading this is exactly what my job is like. You won't believe the people we deal with in a tattoo shop. (blog post)

Confessions of a Miss Korea contestant. (article)

True story: I'm a drag queen. (interview)

Fill the silence. A ton of cool facts.  (tumblr)

If Wes Anderson characters had instagram. (photos)

Looney Tunes owns up to their racist cartoons.  And they don't censor them. I think that's the best way to handle something like that. (blog post)

Abandoned houses in rural Iceland. (photos/blog)

Be big, don't belittle. (blog post)

Funny in-flight announcements. I'm one of the people who loves this shit on an airplane. (article)

Alternate brand slogans. (blog post)

The rise and fall of Katherine Hepburn's fake accent. (article)

Shipwrecks. (photos)

1920s Australian mugshots. (photos)

Fiona Apple curses and storms off stage at a Louis Vitton event. (article)

27 things to remember if you're having a bad day. (photos/list)

Orson Welles was not meant to be in a champagne commercial. Or maybe he's just drunk? (video)

Paris in Polaroids. How did somebody even take these? They don't even seem real. (photos)

I want to check out The Human Body app. (blog post)

Joke off: honest book titles. (blog post)


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