Sunday, 22 September 2013

first day of autumn links, aka happy equinox, you hippies!

Don't worry, I'm not going to do a fall spectacular on pumpkin pie lattes or unflattering boots-leggings-poncho combos in "earthy" tones or brown and orange autumn-themed photographs of leaves and pumpkins.

Just links. One billion of them. And maybe one day soon I'll find a few moments to actually write a thing instead of posting other people's things they wrote.

 The Innovation of Loneliness


Brian Oldham's conceptual photography is really next level. (photos)

When is it better to just STFU? (article)

A picture from Aaron Paul's instagram. (photo)

Me, being an idiot. (image)

You've got to appreciate some well-placed street art. (photos)

Best manhole cover ever. (photo)

0 fucks given. (images/gifs)

This man's journey across Africa is seriously amazing.  He had more adventures in a year and a half than most people ever will. (photos)

App developed for cats to take self portraits. (article)

Amazing photo of a ... drooling? bald eagle. (photo)

How a cold sphinx kitty keeps warm, haha (photo)

Hemmingway's last word from beyond the grave. Take that, Vanity Fair. (article)

Teachers who got the last laugh. (images)

Colour is in the eye of the beholder. Do we all really see the same colours? (video)

Hey ladies...have you seen Clint Eastwood's son? Just sayin'. Although I hate that the title of the one photo says "lucky bitch", grow up, buzzfeed. (photos)

The hairstyles Abercrombie has deemed unacceptable. I kind of get it, I've seen some pretty god awful dye jobs out there, and yes they look super trashy. But I've also seen purple hair that looked amazing. It just depends on the care you take. Remind me to take a picture of the college bookstore dress code sometime. Absolutely no bikini tops allowed. hahaha yes it really says that. (article)

Afterlife with Archie ... Archie comics meet horror stories. Whoa!!! (article)

25 actors you might not have known who did voices on Adventure Time. (Buzzfeed list)

Welp, I think The Rock looks better than Miley Cyrus in that dress. (photo)

Last house standing. (photos)

Classic movies in miniature style. (images)

In the Ask Historians subreddit, somebody asked why Star Wars became such a cultural phenomenon, and historians delivered with very well-thought-out detailed answers. (reddit)

Sheep is determined to teach a young bull how to head butt. (video)

How a fire extinguisher works. (image)

Patrick Stewart runs us through the take, the double take, the triple take and the elusive quadruple take. (video)

Collaborating with a four year old. (blog post/photos)

One night in the 1950s, the Lumbee Indians found out about a KKK rally and ... took care of it. Awesome! (article)

Big black cock(eral) scares reporter. LOOK HOW HE RUNS hahahaha (video)

3 ways to a killer opening line. (article)

This video is all too true. I forgot my phone. (video)

Last of the sea nomads. (photos) Wow that octopus looks like an alien.

Man wakes up from surgery and sees his wife again for the first time hahaha it's so cute. (video)

The child exchange, inside America's underground market for adopted children. Disgusting. (article)

Surviving Whole Foods. Never trust anyone with clothing that says "namaste" (article)

Finally a kickstarter I can get behind! Stop telling women to smile! (kickstarter)

Hooray, an angry ink post on bringing children to the tattoo shop. Yuuuuup. (blog post)

Women are using vocal fry to sound more authoritative and sexy. (article)

More than half of us lie about reading the classics. (article)

Don't you want to sign a petition for GWAR to play the 2015 Superbowl halftime show? (petition)

Would you sign up to die on Mars? NOPE NOPE NOPE (article)

The kindest thing Jay Leno ever did for me. (article)

Things fitting perfectly into other things. (blog)

Weird frog photobomb...I hope he's okay! (photo)

Harry Potter characters take the Meyers Briggs test. (infographic)

Myths over Miami: folk tales from street children. (article)

The four stages of creativity. (article)

London in the 1930s, proving double decker buses are not a tipping hazard. (photo)

I miss having a cat :( 

French senators vote to ban child beauty pageants. (article)

Skeleton lake of Roopkund, India. The surprise is what killed them. Yikes. (article)

I didn't love my wife when we got married. (article)

Ladies, what's up with the "I feel like ... " verbal tic? (article)

12 comedian quotes for when your job makes you want to cry. (images)

Portraits of sleeping parents-to-be in Russia. Interesting idea. (photos/article)

How not to write something. (blog post)

25 manners kids should know by age nine. Some adults need to re-learn these. (blog post)

11 untranslatable words from other languages. I love these. (images)

A very well written article on what it's like to go to Princeton. (article)

If New York is better than ever (and it is!) then why does it kind of suck? (article)

Why Mitch Hedberg's jokes were funny. (article)

Mark Twain's 20 quotes on writing. (images/quotes)

I've never heard of someone preserving their wedding bouquet before, but this is beautiful! (blog post)

Have you heard about DC's proposed tattoo wait time? What a bunch of bullshit, you can't overregulate an industry like this, nothing good can come from that. (article)

Guy finds his house plumbed with beer. Imagine doing this for a party somehow? haha (video)

I know a lot of people don't think much of Mexico City for some reason, but it's seriously the most amazing and forward thinking (in some ways) city I've ever been in. And now they'll trade dog poo for wifi. haha (article)

Woo hoo, my name is on the Tattoo Road Trip website! I'm totally famous now, we can't speak anymore. (advertising)

What it means to be popular when everything is popular. (article)

The best of cat shaming! (photos)

I dated an MCAT addict for two very high months. (article)

This picture is my desktop background right now, I think it's hilarious. (photo)

I love what the Dalai Lama says about death. (blog post)

11 common words with very specific meanings on food labels. (buzzfeed)

Sketch London looks like maybe the coolest restaurant ever. (blog post)

I don't know how I ended up watching Rose and Rosie's youtube video where they do truth or dare but they're awesome. (video)

Animals dressed in clothes ... and look very natural somehow. (photos)

That's it. If I ever get rich I'm buying this underground house. Seriously. (photos/article)

Free tattoo removal for victims of abusive relationship branding. As it should be! So glad people like her exist. (article)

Hot pepper gaming, people eat ridiculously hot peppers and then try to do video game reviews. The first two are the funniest. (videos)

A 'fancy' serial number can make a dollar bill worth thousands. (article)

This is such a cool idea for a wedding photo booth. (video)

Tattooed beauty queens. (blog post)

What it looks like when 1000 people play super mario all at the same time. (video)

Have you seen this crazy egg sac thing with a fence? Scientists don't know what it is but it sure is cool! (photo)

How doctors die. Unfortunately I can relate too well with the families they are talking about. (article)

This sweatshirt is hilarious. (shopping)

30 signs you're almost 30. haha yeah. (Buzzfeed list)

Bee orchid. Science is cool. (comic)

"Smile, baby", the words no woman wants to hear. Telling women to smile may seem like a small thing until you consider what happens when women don't want to. (article) I know I keep on and on about street harassment lately but either you are like me and you get it CONSTANTLY or you should hear about people like us and help it stop. 

Find the (American) restaurants you see on TV. (website)

I love you like a fat lady loves apples. IDK but it's kind of awesome. (weird website dealy)

Oh this comic is depressing but such a good read. (comic)

Why generation Y yuppies are unhappy. (blog post)

Fantastic beasts and where to find them...a Harry Potter movie spinoff written by JK Rowling. (article)

True story: I'm asexual. (interview)

10 signs your kitty actually loves you. (photos/article)


Maybe things will change in Japanese bath houses soon for us tattooed folk. (blog post)

21 facts about dogs that will blow your mind. (article)

Guys with long hair that have fancy up-dos. (photos)

The Simpsons on Casper and Richie Rich. (tv stills)

This is water. A commencement speech by David Foster Wallace. On adult life and your choice of how to think about it. (video)

The World of Lisa Frank. A very short film that shows a vault full of original Lisa Frank products and Mila Kunitz at like age 12. (video)

Finish your novel. (blog post)

 Anyone else fascinated/terrified by that mouth and those dead cold eyes? GEEZ sharks are intense.

What does it feel like to be an undercover cop? (article)

The Simpsons mural in Chernobyl. Whoa. (photo)

25 productivity secrets from history's greatest thinkers. (list)

The power of meaningless. I love this. It's okay for some things to not have a special meaning. I doodle in a notebook because I like to do it, not because I'm trying to be an artist or impress anyone or whatever. I just like pretty pictures and it makes me feel accomplished. (article)

Ten amazing coincidences. (list)

Lego unveils a female scientist. (article)

My son wears dresses, get over it. (article) 

I want this to be real but apparently it's a hoax. Furious mom auctions her daughter's One Direction tickets on EBay. (article)

Is there really such a thing as a workaholic? (article)

Funny menu translations. I saw a few pretty ... interesting ones in Mexico too. (photos)

I am an object of internet ridicule, ask me anything. What it's like to be the guy in the meme. (article)

Tips for improving street harassment. (comic)

World gratitude day and the ways people say thank you. (blog post)

Inside a cruise ship during a storm. (video) I've been on a ship on open seas in bad weather just once, it wasn't this bad as everything was bolted right down and we were sleeping under a table in the cafeteria (don't ask haha ghetto cruise) but once was enough.

That thing I do. The weird quirks people have are hilarious. (website)

Rain is a four letter word. I love the way Harna writes. (blog post)

School kids around the world. (photos)

Sorry religions, human consciousness is just a consequence of evolution. (article)

Bee photobomb! (photo)

15 epically insulting movie speeches. (videos)

Kaylah's land camera cemetary photos are really amazing! (blog post)

The empty restaurants of New York. (photos)

I wish there were praying mantises where I live. (blog post)

Wow, the cast for the movie Rush is spot on! (photos)

A Japanese customs officer planted marijuana in someone's suitcase to test sniffer dogs, forgot who it was, and the dogs missed it. And nobody's come forward with the drugs, haha (article)

This is a refreshing read ... people are starting to step away from their smartphones. (article)

Dance like everyone's watching and other advice from two twenty somethings. (blog post)

Ummmm ... no thank you? Found on the Cornell campus. (photo)

In the 1800s, lobster was considered a low class food in Maine, even considered "cruel and unusual" when fed to prisoners, like forcing them to eat rats. (article)

What high heels do to your feet. (infographic)

Boy blasted 10 feet in the air by a fountain. I love that the town officials flat out say it's the parents' fault for letting him play near something dangerous. (article)

LOL LOL LOL these people were having a bbq and kicked their dog outside. (photo)

Need A Good Movie To Watch? (website)

Aw, a baby blue marlin, too teeny for words! (photo)

This chipotle ad actually brought tears to my eyes, it's amazing. It basically shows why I became vegetarian. (video)

Look how big walruses are! (photo)

Want to do some shopping? Here are some cool Big Cartel stores I've discovered recently: TFA (mostly for the socks), High Heels Suicide, Daggers For Teeth (although literally everything I want is sold out right now) and Cavity Colors.

10 disturbing tales of doppelgangers. (article)

The real life of  Barbie and Ken. (photos)

Have you heard of You can pay five bucks to someone and they'll do a thing for you. Some of them are cool, and some of them are really weird, like this guy offering to draw a chicken and then roast it and mail it to you. WHYYY but I kind of want it

And here's Bill Nye spinning around for some reason. 


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