Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I didn't get that job but I did get a tattoo!

Yeah so I didn't get the job with the scary interview. But the person in charge left me a really nice message on our answering machine. They still offered to train me on the job so I can be on call in case the new person is sick or something. It sounded to me like it was down to me and someone else, but the other person had actual experience in the specific job I was going for, whereas I had to kind of cobble together answers to some of their very detailed questions by drawing on experience from tattoo shops and grocery stores.

Anyway so it's not exactly a negative, I'm still in a better position than I was last week, but I think what I most wanted was a little stability for once over the winter. There's never any guaranteed hours working casual shifts or as a tattoo shop receptionist and I was looking forward to the confidence that comes with a steady paycheck. Oh well, another winter full of guesswork and crossed fingers for me I suppose.

BUUUUT in other news, check out my awesome little skull guy from Caroline Paquet. She's been at Tattoo Zoo for just over a year now and she's killing it. Her tattoos are super clean, she's a hard worker and she's just an all-around nice person. And she has a mullet and somehow pulls it off. So. Yeah.

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