Friday, 27 September 2013

sick day links, plus amazing old photos!

Well I have nothing better to do than browse the internet and try not to sneeze on the keyboard, so here's what I found today.

Lillian Boyer was one of the biggest bad-asses of the 1920s. (photo/blog post)

Nose grown on man's forehead. (article/news)

Have you heard about the Trans Pacific Partnership? Our prime minister has organized a behind-closed-doors meeting with other world leaders to discuss internet censorship. NOT OKAY! (website/article)

I feel this way about lobsters too. (comic)

Hemmingway's hamburger. (article)

Cookie clicker. I'm not proud to say I've probably spent four hours just clicking on that cookie between yesterday and today, it's a strangely addictive stupid game. (game)

I want this bunk bed soooo bad. (photo)

An orchid mantis. Beautiful. (photo)

Would you take the "naked and scared" challenge? (aka go through a haunted house nude)  hahaha nope!  (website)

Sorry, 'working on a novel' is not a business model. (blog post)

Jogging hose. (photo)

The ladies of Parks and Rec sure wear expensive clothes considering their income... (article)

Animals at night. THE DOLPHIN. (photos)

Barilla Pasta hates gays apparently?  (article)

The Simpsons' secret formula: it's written by math geeks. (article)

Cringeworthy "punk" jackets at Urban Outfitters. Ugh. (photo)

This funny pug mask is awesome. (photos)

How to draw real boobs. (How to)

Cool underwater waterfall illusion. (photos)

This is the most hilarious ambiguous ad in the newspaper ever. I bet this guy's friends were very impressed. haha (photo)

Bat dad is one of my favorite viners. (video)

Demonic colonel Sanders. (gif) Fun fact, after four different tries I finally had to Google how to spell "colonel" just now.

I am pretty obsessed with the song Eli by Bosnian Rainbows lately. (song)

Andrew Zimmerman can eat cow blood but not walnuts. What foods do you irrationally hate? I will literally throw up if presented with a stack of pancakes. Pancakes are the devil. (article)

I am SOOOOO excited about the new Dumb and Dumber movie! (photo)

What's really creepy about me finding this picture randomly today is that two days ago a man told me if you ever see a white raven that means the end of the world is coming. And I was all like "ha ha ha that'll never happen". Well shit. 

50 people on 'the secret my company doesn't want you to know'. I love reading stuff like this so much that I go to Ask Reddit a few times a week and search for awesome questions like this one. (article) I know the Claires thing is probably true (and horrifying), I actually applied for a job there years ago and the application asked if I would be willing to use a gun to pierce kids' ears. I said "it depends on the sterilization procedures in place" ... never got the job and I always warn people away from anywhere that's not a proper piercing studio.

Hate reading: love to loathe you baby. (article)

Louis CK hates cell phones. It's so true. He's a genius. (video)

Feelings on being an adult. (comic)

Hm, so maybe my "humane" catch and release policy with house spiders isn't as kind as I'd like to believe. Oh well, it's better than flat out murdering them I guess. (article)

This cute dog just wants to play fetch so bad! (gif)

It's a blog, not a 'wich hunt. (article)

Words that describe incredibly specific things. (article)

11 ways to create a life you don't need to escape. (article)

Ordinary New Yorkers conduct an orchestra. (Improv Everywhere video)

Adopt a skull at the Mutter Museum. (website)

The strict vegan prisoner playbook. How to be vegan in jail. (article)

I don't really know what good this is or why you'd want it but now you can add glitches to your images here

I did this one of Tank as an example.


I love sarcastic responses to bathroom graffiti. These are no exception. (photo) 

33 movies to watch when you're sad, glum, or bummed out. I might watch some of these today, seeing as I feel like a bio-hazardous pile of garbage right now. (blog post/list)

All of these photos came from this album on imgur, which was linked to through Reddit. And a big thanks to Nubby, Kaelah, and Clare for their blog posts, from which I stole many of these fine links.

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