Tuesday, 24 September 2013

small things and stories

I uh...I now own a zebra print onesie. Please do not show up at my house unannounced.


I haven't really had much desire to write in the past few weeks, I guess being busy does that to a person. But this week as far as I know I am back down to one job, so I guess I've got some more me time. On those days where I'm doing both jobs sometimes I'd be away from home for 13 hours ... but only actually worked 9.
So that means, literally, I would spend four entire hours on buses, waiting for buses, and walking to and from the bus stops. That in itself counts as another part time job if you ask me.

Yesterday I was waiting in a torrential rain storm at the bus connection, I mean it was POURING. I am just getting a cold so I wasn't feeling super well to begin with, but I also hadn't dressed for a windy rainy day either, just in a thin sweater and a denim jacket. The schedule said my bus was due in five minutes. Seven minutes later (and yes I was counting, it was freezing) the bus came around the corner ... and the driver switched the sign to say "BUS FULL, SORRY"
Surely they'd send another one right along, right? If a bus is full they should have two going, right? Nope. Nearly twenty minutes later the next one came around. My grand plans of sitting in the warm cafeteria drinking a coffee were dashed, I was going to have to go straight into work now. And that's how a day in a life like mine begins sometimes. 

Ryan and I were discussing what ifs, like what if I could finally afford to get a car. It would mean an entirely new outlook on working and where we live, that's for sure. I would have so much more time to myself. I would probably like strangers more and I would probably be sick less. I feel like it would change my entire quality of life.

What kicked off the "what if" game was me being selected for an interview for a regular part-time position at the college. I was actually told about the interview by the person leaving that position and it seemed like the entire store was rooting for me. So I walked into it like I had the job in the bag. And it ended up being the most intense interview I've ever been to. If you follow me on instagram you've already seen this:

I haven't heard back from them yet, and I assume if anything positive came from that terrifying day they will be contacting me very soon. But SERIOUSLY have you ever had an interview like that before? And it's not for anything super high up in the college or anything like that. Anyway I'm not scheduled as a cashier at all this week and I half believe it's because they're waiting to see if I get the position. We're all just waiting to hear back. Don't wish me luck though, I feel stupid embarrassed already telling you guys about this, like I tried for something way out of my league.

Random cute dog picture.

Imagine the snores that go along with this cute li'l face. 

Here's something to brag about! Ryan turned forty this weekend and I got him FORTY PRESENTS. You guys. Dudes. This was not easy. 

When I first thought of it I was like "oh yeah no big deal, I've got two months to get this together". But do the math. Two months. Eight weeks. Forty presents. I had to buy five presents per week for eight weeks. 

I'm not a rich person. I'm not necessarily a resourceful person. I'm not a shopper. But guess what! I did it! I literally bought the final six gifts the day before though. And I will admit there were more than five gift certificates, but they were all for things he likes. I was a bad blogger and didn't really bother to take any good arty photos of the pile of presents. They were all wrapped in matching paper and bags and everything. I took one quick shot of them in a laundry basket haha it was the fastest way to carry everything from its hiding place in the closet to the birthday party area. The picture doesn't do it justice of course, because there are actually forty things in there. Whatever.

And here's a terribly blurry instagram picture I took of about half the opened presents. Ha. You get the idea anyway.


I don't know, those are the only things that have really been going on in my life, just trying to keep it all together and balanced. You have to do your best, that's all you can do. It feels good to put yourself out there sometimes, try new things. Put effort into something for a loved one. Dream about better ways to live. Stand in the pouring rain like a boss. Live and be strong.

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