Monday, 21 October 2013

a walk in the park


We went for a walk yesterday through a very very Sunday-busy provincial park. It was *okay*...I honestly felt like we were all just too busy looking for a good photo op to even notice each others' company. Sometimes that's okay but yesterday I was disappointed in the whole thing after we left, like we might as well have just been walking around in our own backyard staring at our iPhones and camera screens.

Anyway I did get some nice photos and I even managed to crop out all the millions of strangers and tourists who were surrounding us on all sides. Fall is a very popular time to visit this park, it's the time when the salmon run takes place (when the salmon all swim upstream at once to spawn and die).

We were too early to see anything except literally only one dead fish on the side of the river. I have terrible luck with this, I've never seen a salmon run at its peak even though I literally live a five minute drive from this park. Every year I get here after they're all either really tired or already dead. Apparently there are a bazillion bald eagles and bears who hang out but I never see them either. Up close, anyway. I do see eagles flying around sometimes which is still pretty cool.

In the final few pictures we went through a tunnel that sometimes houses a river. When it does, there's an amazing waterfall you can walk to quite easily if you know where to go. Unfortunately the thing was all dried up this time. 

Anyway here's some photos (and a Vine). Yay temperate rainforests!

I didn't even try to get a good picture of it. Meh.


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