Monday, 7 October 2013

It's my birthdayyyy!!!

It's wonderful that my only day off this week happened to fall on my 31st birthday. Today I will be doing some dog petting and cheesy movie watching, along with cheesecake eating and sweatpants wearing.


So far I've played Simpson's Tapped Out and watched Mrs. Doubtfire, still with bed-head at 11:22am and no bra. PERFECT DAY. Is it daylight outside? Who cares??? MUAHAHAHAAAAA I HAVE SO MUCH COFFEE AND WINE IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW I NEVER NEED TO LEAVE

Mrs. Doubtfire cares what happens outside. 

On my computer right now I've got 500 Days of Summer, all the Evil Dead movies, Schindler's List, 10 Things I Hate About You, Amelie, The Craft, Taxi Driver, The Troll Hunter, This Is Spinal Tap, White Men Can't Jump and The Addams Family. And something called TiMER which I've never heard of but saw a bunch of people discussing it on Tumblr and how it made them cry and it was soooo good so I got it.

I'm not sure which one I'm going to choose to watch next. Probably one of the feel good ones. Definitely not Schindler's List. Which, by the way, Ryan has never seen. I've been trying to make him watch it for about a year now but he can never find the time. Fair enough, really. Who can set aside three hours to watch something they know is going to be depressing as hell? I keep telling him it's a fantastic movie but he's unconvinced.

I heard something about wrapping a present last night so I'm pretty sure I have a gift coming too. Ahh birthdays are marvelous.

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