Sunday, 20 October 2013



Unpopular opinion: situational poverty is very real, from someone who's been through it. (article)

Just in case you've ever wondered what the moon would look like if it were as close as the ISS. (video)

I love a colorful door. (photos)

Would a mandatory waiting period really help you make different decisions? Like, for example, whether to get a tattoo? (article)

Petra Collins on censorship and the female body. (article)

Very punny Halloween costumes. (photos)

13 everyday things that are harder to do in space. (list)

"Don't worry, be sad!" (article)

This letter from a student to a guest speaker is pretty amazing. (photo)

That's it, I'm getting two pet lions. (video)

If I fits, I sits. (photos)

Me every time I try to make an omelet. (photo)

How do you find people who are right for you? I think I've cut out most of "the negatives" completely at this point, it's awesome. (blog post)

A post on "pinkwashing" and "no-bra day". (blog post)

Street harassment isn't always yelling from cars. This is actually worse. (blog post)

So amazing to see where these famous people create. (photos)

Well, I want to go back to Casa Azul again to see Frida's clothes. Hey, if you're ever in Mexico City please go to this museum, it's amazing. (photos/article)

A photographer turns her lens on those who catcall. (article)

The insidious power of not-quite-harassment. (article)

Wes Anderson has a new film coming out, The Grand Budapest Hotel! (trailer)

When the American media found out Mike Meyers was having a baby. Those words have lost all meaning to me now. (video)

Eight bullshit articles for women to avoid. (blog post)


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