Sunday, 27 October 2013


Grammar mugs, I want them all! (photos)

Disney's Halloween Treat. I haven't watched it but I assume it's amazing. (video)

This is so important. So you think pugs are cute?  (photos/words)

Look at these sleeping baby giraffes. (photos)

A brief history of the word "dude". (article)

50 things you will never be able to forget. (list) I never played Oregon Trail. I really feel like I missed out on something.

Where to get Halloween contacts that aren't ridiculously priced. I'd have to wear glasses with mine. Which would actually be kind of funny. (store)

10 habits to help make you more present. (blog post)

I think Hila's is the best written blog ever. (blog)

Why do you write? How do you work? Who cares, just be helpful. (blog post)

Chris Brown lost his virginity at 8 with a teenage girl, and what that actually means. (blog post)

Check out Taiwan's new Special Forces look. Bad ass! Apparently the full-face is to protect individuals from gang retaliation. (photos)

My Hometown: teenagers across America photograph their communities. (photos)

Neil Gaiman: why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming. (article)

If cartoon characters grew up and went to college. (images)

Literally the best thing ever: abandoned theme parks. (article)

10 counter culture novels that will get you high on life. (article)

Canadian problems. (photo)

5 reasons everyone should work a service job in their 20s. (article) YESSSSS!!!!!

The headphones project, asking people what they're listening to. I have seen something like this before, and I thought the one thing that would make it better would be to film those people for a minute before asking them to see if they are walking differently or bobbing their heads or something, then finding out what song it is. Whoa, hello masters' thesis. TO UNIVERSITY!!! Actually nah I'm too lazy but someone feel free to use my idea and expand upon it and then credit me in their paper and send me a copy.

John Cleese on serious vs. solemn. (video)

Young people in Japan have given up on sex. (article)

Learning to be a yoga instructor sounds haaarrrrd. (blog post)

Let's remember what dead bodies look like. (blog post/photos) (of dead bodies)

50 fascinating facts we learned from the internet. NUMBER 32!! (list)

Seriously is America just full of these roadside attractions or is Kayla really good at finding them? (blog post)

40 must-see photos from the past. (photos)

Josh Sundquist has some great Halloween costume ideas! This year's seems complicated though. (photos)

5 full minutes of Stephen Colbert breaking character. (video)

Mr. Forthright tells us how to go trick or treating as adults. (video)

True story: my boyfriend is quadriplegic. (blog post)

Tattoo like farms. (blog post)

My art was stolen for profit and how you can help. (blog post)

Wine tasting: it's junk science! (article) 

Have you heard of Santa's pal Schmultzi "the whipping father"? (article)

This collection of images is what has been sent out into space on the Challenger to introduce humanity to any alien species that may be out there.  It's so crazy to see the cliff's notes version of us. (photos/diagrams/images)

Did you know Charles Darwin's son doodled on the original manuscript of The Origin of the Species? (photos)


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