Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nick Cave, reading, etcetera

Here's your daily minimum requirement of Nick Cave. I love the video and the song equally I think. I mean...that hair. The dancing. The weird rowing Nick Cave does. The amazing chorus. Everything is great.


I hope you actually watched that video and enjoyed it. If so, we can be friends. I started out on YouTube this morning looking to see if my old friend's band still exists/is making videos for some reason. In case you are wondering, not since 2007, so that's not a good sign. Although I'm pretty sure the singer was doing the keyboard player while being married to the bass player, so I'm actually not surprised they broke up. Anyway on the sidebar YouTube recommended this video and I ended up on an hour long Nick Cave music video bender. HE'S SO GOOOOOD DAMNIT.

What else, what else? Okay well I got a few new things to read on my e-book, thank you digital library! I got The Children of Men by P.D. James (and no I haven't seen the movie but I heard it's really good), Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, whose name I never spell right on the first try, and Empire Falls by Richard Russo. So yeah, that's exciting in a nerdy kind of way.

I got a bit of money for my birthday and, for literally the first time I can remember in years, went on a clothes shopping bonanza. I bought two pairs of black leggings, a bunch of t-shirts, another kind of girly shirt with a mystical planet-themed print, a black hoodie and a pair of Doc Martens. And I don't know if this is because of the weather or some latent goth tendencies but ever since I got my new boots I've only wanted to be wearing all black clothes all day every day. 

 (That sign is from a day where every single tattoo artist in the shop had to be somewhere else all trouble, illnesses and doctor's appointments, holidays, etc ... and I was just there by myself for six hours...that was weird!)

Speaking of buying leather boots as a vegetarian ... yeah it feels weird and I feel guilty...ish. The problem I've been having is every pair of vegan boots I have been able to find (in my price range) are made more for aesthetics than foot safety. I need something ridiculously sturdy to hold everything in place for a relatively affordable price. Vegan shoes are not both of those things. I thought about buying these boots for weeks before doing so, but ultimately, the worry about ruining my feet won the guilt contest. So there's that.


My cousin stopped by the tattoo shop the other day with his wife and baby, and ended up getting a pretty rad sasquatch tattoo from Kyle on a whim while he was there. This seems to happen with 99% of the people who visit me in Victoria. haha I guess I put an insane amount of peer pressure on people until they finally get a tattoo? Something like that. Let's just say I'm an amazing salesman. Or maybe I just have cool friends and family?

He's the cousin of mine I've written about before, the guy who co-owns Switchblade Surboards. They shape them, um ... do something with fibreglass and sandpaper, everything, making the surfboards all completely with their own hands. It's pretty amazing, very time-consuming and a lot of hard work. 

And they have the best logo.


At the tattoo shop we've been getting ready for November, which will be the tenth anniversary of Gerry and Sarah owning the business. We're doing all kinds of fun things at the shop the entire month and calling it a customer appreciation celebration. Just sayin'...if you don't follow the shop on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you might want to do so in November. HINT HINT 

So yeah that's basically all that's new up in here. We're probably carving pumpkins this weekend and I'm going to force everyone to listen to the Misfits while we do so. Or some super black metal hahaha nahh they wouldn't know what to do with that.


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