Monday, 14 October 2013

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A scene from our Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know.

This post could not be possible without Sarah Von, Kaylah, Danielle, Alycia, Jenny, Kaelah, Nubby, Suzy, the writers of Rookie, and their wonderful links posts. Look at all the pretty things I've gathered for you this week my friends!


YAY A NEW HYPERBOLE AND A HALF POST. Of course you've all seen this already because of course you're subscribed to her feed right? Buuuut if not here's her new post Menace. (comic)

What it's like living with two skeletons. (photos)

Brittany is having insane adventures and I am very jealous. (blog post)

Calling a dog from the pool. Wait, that's not a dog! (video)

I want to find Frankenstein's grave. (blog post)

I made a photo album of some awesome pictures my sister has taken of small town Alberta life. I think she's amazing. (photos)

Satiregram is pretty funny, it's an instagram account that makes fun of instagrammers. (article/photos)

A tale of plastic surgery, scandal and pageant prisoners. (article)

This is the scariest Halloween costume I've ever heard of. (comic)

12 "sexy" Halloween costumes that shouldn't be sexy. (photos)

The office is not too cold, it is you who are too weak. (open letter)

A 30-something YA addict comes clean. I've been reading some YA books lately, they can either be pretty good or really stupid. I've actually got a half-assed review I wrote somewhere in my drafts. I should really finish it. (article)

There's a secret library in the New York City Subway. (article)

This makes me sick. Fair reporting on tattoos? Not often. (blog post)

Best customer service exchange ever. (transcript)

This is a fake tattoo consent form that would probably work for most girls getting tattooed this year. (photo)

Notorious BIG freestyling when he was 17. (video)

Unseen pics of The Smiths playing to tens of people in the '80s. (photos)

This little comic is so inspiring right now, you have seven lifetimes! (comic)

Unpopular opinion: your boss doesn't owe you a fun job. (article)

The importance of bees. We're all going to have to start learning the art of apiary soon guys.  (blog post)

10 of the biggest lies TV has told us. (article)

This promotional stunt for the new version of the movie Carrie is cool. (video) Also: I want to see the new Carrie.

10 novels written in the '70s that we love even more today. (article)

Photos by Brandon Stanton. Wow. So touching. (photos)

Life lessons from a 41st birthday. (blog post)

10 things you probably didn't know about zombies. (article)

If it's not a HELL YES, it's a no. (blog post)

Daaaamn cheerleaders are hardcore. (video)

Caitlin's blogger's drinking game is hilarious and sooooo true. I'd be so drunk. (blog post)

Traveling without seeing. (article)

9 reasons you might have been suspected of witchcraft in 1692. (article)

Have you heard of If you are a couple bucks away from free shipping on Amazon, this site will help you find something to make the quota. (website)

Chatting with Petra Collins about her menstruating vagina shirt. I...kind of want to buy it. (article)

Insect BFFs. I mean, clearly they're all about to have sex or murder each other, and were placed where they are by the photographer, but pics. (photos)

Terrible real estate photographs. (tumblr blog)

Who made movie popcorn? (article)

Want to read other's thoughts? Try literary fiction! (article)

Shadowfacts. (comic)

This entire online store sells the worst things ever, for example, these gloves you can never take off. (shop)

Colorized history. (photos)

Which space movies do astronauts love? (article)

Siri's voice actor comes forward: it was creepy at first. (article)

This photo!!!! (photo)

Have you seen the Jon Stewart interview with Malala Yousafzai yet? She is a young Pakistani girl who was targeted by the Taliban, shot in the head and survived. She is an amazing, brave young woman. (video)

Top 100 things you honestly don't need to do before you die. (article)

What your bag-holding style says about you. (infographic)

21 pet owners who are doing it right. (photos)

How to switch to a plant-based diet. (blog post)

Busting six common myths about Chinese medicine. (article)

22 outstanding neighbor complaint notes. (photos)

9 clever ways to deal with negative people. (article)

Your corner-stone of awesome. (blog post)

23 pieces of evidence that punk is dead. (photos)

And finally, ten must-read books for October. I'm running out of books on my to-read list...any suggestions for me?


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