Thursday, 28 November 2013

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All gifs in today's post were found in this "collection of very satisfying GIFS"


Pretty rainbow pencils! (shopping)

This is a motherfucking website. (website)

Bound 3. James Franco and Seth Rogan recreate a superbly awkward Kanye video (bound 2) (video)

This news anchor is sick of your backyard snow covered furniture photos. (video)

I'm thinking about entering this contest to win Nick Cave tickets. (vice twitter contest)

The Oxford dictionary added a new word to its repertoire. "Selfie" (article)

I went on a hash making holiday in Northern Morocco. (article)

Last of the Bowery Scab Merchants - a 2 disc audio documentary on American tattoo artists in the mid-1900s. (shopping)

hahahaha yup (image)

The oral history of female drummers. (video)

Your ancestors didn't sleep like you. (article)

What does Mexico City look like when you imagine it? Did you know it's the most amazing city I've ever seen? (photos)

The internet mystery that has the world baffled. (article)

Welp, I'm never complaining about having a spider in our house again! (gif)

This is an incredible time lapse of four graffiti artists let loose in a white primed warehouse with unlimited paint. (video) And before you go "oh I like the pretty pictures but not that tagging shit" THESE are tags, those are not.

Aubrey Plaza does a Sarah Silverman impression. Pretty spot on! (video) (Super NSFW)

Tattoo face swaps. hahaha nooo (photos)

This music video is SO CANADA hahaha (video)

Another reason not to shop at religion based thrift shops. I already don't because a lot of the time the money goes toward sending missionaries out to countries to destroy not only their culture but their language as well. LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY IS KEY TO HUMANITY'S SURVIVAL YOU GUYS (article)

How to fight a baby. (video)

I love this restaurant front, so appealing! (photos)

Do you live in a bubble? I just pretended everywhere it says "united states" actually says "Canada"(quiz)

Want to get something in the mail? (shopping)

Sitcom moms: a taxonomy. (blog post)

Dear Spike Lee. A poster designer talks about how an ad agency screwed him over. (blog post)

So you wanna be a tattoo artist? THIS SO MUCH(article)

A mother elephant in a zoo gives birth to a baby that's not breathing, gives it basically elephant CPR and saves its life. It's a kind of graphic brutal video ... like giving birth onto a concrete floor isn't cool ... but everyone's okay in the end and it's soooo worth it to watch the baby take its first steps, it's SOOOO CUUUUUUUTE or you can skip to 4:50 and just watch the okay baby stand up and walk. (video)

Grimes responds to criticism from "dogmatic asshole vegans". (article)

Here's a li'l video I made for vine and instagram of an art project I'm forcing Suzy to join in on. haha (video)

Sloth bear and a forest ranger on a bicycle for some reason. (photo)

I don't know anything about breast cancer. A tumblr blog by a girl in her early 20s, documenting her life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. (tumblr)

Supersized corsages. (photos)

I've linked to stuff like this before, but here's more. Exposing fake clinics. (tumblr)

Conspiracy theorists are not really skeptics. (article)

Being judged on television: why can't I tear my eyes away? (blog post)

What's better, the book or the movie? (infographic)

Improvised movie moments. (gifs)

Top ten best short stories ever. I'm going to make a point of reading these. (list)

When to shave your legs? This is a story about me and my life. (comic)

My man Jeremy, by Michael Cera. (transcribed text conversation)

This is good advice on talking to kids, but I also think a lot of these strategies could work when you're training people at work or encouraging anybody in general. (article)

Selfies aren't empowering, they're a cry for help. Well shit. haha (article)

Tomboy flower girl outfits. OMG cute. (photos)

5 Christians who make their living telling kids outrageous lies about sex. (article)

Selfies at funerals. Really? (tumblr)

Do you want to know what the most popular image is on every social media platform RIGHT NOW? Go here. (website)

Do men worry about "having it all"? (article)

YOU GUYS it's pretty simple. (image)

Kate's wedding invitations are really cool! (blog post)

Zappos is awesome, check out their reply to Kanye West. (article/photos)

English has a new preposition, because internet! This is super interesting. (article)

70 things I've learned from writing 1000 blog posts. (blog post)

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul read through Breaking Bad's final episode script for the first time. (video)

Kids getting in trouble at school for hilarious reasons. (photos)

Check out these vintage 1970s tattoo flash sheets for sale at Three Potato Four! One Two Three and Four. Too awesome. Annnnd too expensive.  (shopping)

San Francisco has a poop problem. (article)

Notes on being a bad Korean American. (blog post)

I'm starting to vine things other than my things crazy people say to me. (vine)

Chinese students respond to images of American food. (photos)

Background actors that have no idea what they're doing. (gifs)

Hairstyling hacks...mostly for white girls with straight hair but THATS ME SO THERE YOU GO (images/list)

Trent Reznor facetimes with a fan who is dying while on stage. AAHHH my high school crush was justified. (article/video)

Healthy holiday survival guide part 1. (blog post) And here's part 2. And here's part 3!

World's tallest waterslide. NOPE (photo)

Liberty tattoo: we can fix that! haha (video)

So yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm giving somebody M&Ms with my face on them for next Christmas! (shop)

Troll-haired mystery bug found in Suriname. This bug is FABULOUS! (article/photo)

5 often overlooked things to be grateful for. (blog post)


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