Sunday, 3 November 2013


I know I would hate working on a cruise ship now, but I bet 19 year old me would have loved it. (blog post)

6 truths about exercise that nobody wants to believe. (article)

If Harry Potter had Instagram. (photos)

Yes, it's legal. A list of things your boss can legally do. (blog post)

Army guy Halloween costumes! So great! (photos)

Buy jewelry for a good cause! (blog post)

The ten most common words in written English. (article)

Kurt Cobain on identity. (video)

What an assignment from Kurt Vonnegut looked like. (article)

250 words you can spell on your calculator. (list)

Animal Earth: photos of some of the most obscure species on the planet. (photos)

The warrior women of Asgarda. (article/video) WARNING, AUTOPLAY!!

Baby panda time lapse. Their first 100 days. (video)

Now you can eat 750 feet underground. Yay? (tourism)

An anatomy student describes the first day in the cadaver dissection lab. (blog post)

Well I hate the tone of this article but I can't wait 'til I look like a hot tattooed grandma. (photos/article)

We need to talk about masculinity. (article) will tell people in the USA if someone died in their house. (website)

Tales of the Chelsea Hotel. (article)

Real life Instagram. (photos)

Wow, check out this abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park! (article/photos)

Blondie, the living room lion. (photos/article)

Kris Atomic's Copenhagen photo diary is GORGEOUS! (photos/blog post)

10 startups making travel more affordable. (article)

10 fascinating facts about ravens. (article)

Taboo busting ad in India. (video/article)

Why do things sound scary? (video) Also: why dark carnival rides scare us. (article)

Robots or aliens as parents? Colleges gauge applicants' creativity. I love this! (article) 

How to be (genuinely) happy for your friends who have their stuff together (when you don't). (article)

The logic of stupid poor people. (article)

Things that won't complete you. (article)

I want this shirt! (shopping)

An infographic about visual hallucinations. (infographic)

"It's just wrong and you should be ashamed" hahaha I sooo want to do this at a party sometime. (photo)

There really are some interesting board games out there... (blog post)

A brief history of sexy Halloween costumes. (article)

The real Jessica Rabbit. (photos)

Watch a hand-lettering master at work. I was lucky enough to be able to watch Chris Dobbell do the tattoo shop's front windows last summer, it was so cool! (video)

True story: I self-harm. (interview)

heh heh heh


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