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A brother wrote a to-do list for tormenting his sister. Hilarous. (photo)

Don't say goodbye, just ghost. Ah, that's a Nova-style departure! (article) 

Living with Jigsaw. This is hilarious. (video)

Mindy Kaling being interviewed by Lena Dunham, awesome! (interview)

The best advice on failure. (article)

This Scottish kid can speak backwards fluently. Amazing! (video)

Facebook of the dead. (blog post)

Slaves of the Internet, unite! (article)

"those people" (blog post)

The not-so-secret path to greatness. (article)



People I know use the word "rape" as an ordinary verb and I'm pretty pissed about it. (article) 

How aggressive is the human female? (article)

Rookie posted a guide on how to get through Thanksgiving (or any family meal) as a vegetarian. (blog post) 

Check it out, Amelie is making dioramas! (blog post)

Bitte Bitte - a German rap using beer bottles, helium and drumming on the table. (video)

Monty Python's review of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (image)

Copies of Fifty Shades of Grey test positive for herpes. Another great reason to only borrow e-books from the library. EW!! (article)

My problems aren't your responsibility. (blog post)

C.S. Lewis reviews The Hobbit in 1937  (book review)

History of tattoo removal. (blog post)



Random facts about South Korea. (blog post)

Why creative people sometimes seem to make no sense. (blog post)

Another view on introversion. I find this to be true to an extent. (comic)

I've put this on a links post before I'm sure, but it's so funny here it is again. Jurassic Park melodica cover. (video)

The art of intentions: tips on making and achieving your goals. (blog post)

"A Tattooing Artist" - a must-read article from 1902. (blog post)

Ashley's posts on learning to teach yoga are fantastic. Don't worry, she's a normal human being, not some hippie chakra peace love harmony weirdo. (blog post)

London Underground addresses concerns about hauntings. (photo)

This French anti-bullying video is amazing.  At the end it says something like "A typical day at work doesn't look like this, why is it at school?" (video)


hahaha I don't know what this in in response to, but it's hilarious.


Chinese ads urging people not to eat dogs and cats. (photos)

Infographics. (comic)

Surgeons describe new ligament in knee. Um WTF how did everybody miss this for thousands of years? (article)

Paxman vs. Russel Brand, on why he doesn't vote. (video)

The drawing. (comic)

There are more types of twins than identical and fraternal, didja know that? (article)

There are better things to talk about than other people. (blog post)

The color pink doesn't exist. (article)

How to death metal. (video)

I want to shop at Hooper's store on Sesame Street! (photos)



Disney goes high fashion. (sketches)

It shouldn't matter what I look like: the perils of being conventionally attractive in academia. (article)

The worst things about working at Google. (article)

This little bunny is trying so hard! (gif)

Some girlfriends discuss the weird moments they knew their last relationship was over. (blog post)

Girls who read. (video)

21 things you might not know about the movie Jurassic Park. (photos/list)

The longer the trailer, the worse the film? (article)

10 rules for a 10 year old girl. (list)

Social worker wanted to help the needy - so she became an auto mechanic. (article)

Someone was perusing Google Maps and found something amazing. (article/photos) 

The world's ten most polluted places. (article) 

The Magnapinna "big fin" Squid seen in the Pacific Ocean.  NOPE (photo) Oh and here's a video.

The doorway to hell. (photos/article)

Ten reasons your dentist probably hates you too. hahahaha I want to write one of these for tattoo artists. (list)

How to draw great butts with just five lines. (video) 

I like this Redditor's idea of "no zero days". It's really perfect for any goal. (reddit)

Handwritten manuscripts you can read online. Guillermo Del Toro's notebooks are amazing! (article/photos) (website) (warning, autoplay)

How much money does twitter owe you? They owe me just over a hundred bucks. haha small time. (calculator)


Cosplayers at home. (photos/article)

The anatomy of a compliment and the art of giving one. (article) 

Someone on imgur making fun of lifehacks. Funny because it's true. (photos) 

Mexico's drug cartels love social media. (article)

11 racist phrases people still (unknowingly) use. (article)

Did you know a sequel for The Shining is happening? (interview) 

A season with Swiss cheesemakers. (photos)

Some creative work stations. (photos)

Swedish theatres launch feminist movie ratings. (article)


Breaking Bad alternate ending. (video)

A nursing student found this while studying for an exam. (photos)

Photographing ancient cultures before they disappear. (photos/article)

Snake. (comic)

A saint bernard dog lets the outside cats sleep with him. (photo)

Every death scene in the Song of Ice and Fire books tabbed.  (photo)

The 50 greatest breakthroughs since the wheel. (list)


And finally, take the Sommer and Sommer left vs right brain test. These are my results. "Yor are left-brained" haha.


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