Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Manvils

Back in my early twenties I dated a guy who was fairly musically inclined. He played guitar and bass and had been in a few bands before I knew him. Whatever.

We were in a semi-long-distance relationship. I lived with my dad and step-mom in Calgary, going to college and working in a grocery store and he lived in a tiny resort town residence in the Rocky Mountains, working as a bartender in a high-end hotel bar.

One day nearly a year into our relationship he casually mentioned that the bar he was working at had an open mic night and he hought he might start playing the drums at them. I cringed at the thought of some guy not knowing what he was doing up in front of drunk American tourists, imagined them throwing their empty bottles at him and booing mercilessly. What I did not imagine was that he could actually play the drums.

"Oh yeah, I never told you? Don't worry, I can drum!"

Sure you can buddy, I thought. You'd think that would have come up in the past year.

A few weeks later I drove up to see him. And what in the hell, he can actually drum. It was a strange revelation to put it mildly. And suddenly he was drumming everywhere; on the table at breakfast, on his lap while watching tv, on stages in various bands. And we had to break up. For many reasons, but also because he wanted to move to Vancouver where there was a better music scene. And I was staying in Alberta, not chasing a man around like a fool. *cough* again *cough*

And so that was it, clean break, yadda yadda yadda. Life goes on. I met Ryan and moved in and am all in love and stuff and he got married and his house burned down but everybody was okay, even the cats. He joined a fairly popular band in Vancouver and they ended up moving to Toronto, where the music scene is even better. We've lost touch in the past couple years.

Every once in a while news of his band pops up. I feel proud of him for actually going for his dream. He's been working really hard and I know it's not easy. One time me and Ryan were in Vancouver and I had mentioned we were coming for a show and asked if he wanted to meet up with us. He said no, he was much too busy with band stuff, but the craziest thing happened: we ran into him selling hot dogs at a hot dog stand. What are the flippin' odds, seriously?

But anyway long story short, their new EP is out and here are some songs to listen to.

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