Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Mine's the skeleton. I cut myself pretty bad while sawing out those ribs.

I love carving pumpkins, it's a fun little project. We did this, bought a box of mini chocolate bars, poured them out into a bowl by the door, turned on the porch light and waited. And zero kids came. And we did not really care. More tiny Coffee Crisps for me!

Did you guys know Trick or Treating is over? There is a decline everywhere, from what I've heard anyway, of kids going door to door. They seem to be just going to the mall with their moms and demanding candies at the stores for some reason. I blame overprotective parents. It makes me kind of sad.

I decided this year I refuse to allow the grey West coast winter weather to get me down. I will keep busy, create small projects, re-join the gym and ignore the weather outside as much as possible. Not always easy when you have to walk through it every day and wait at unsheltered bus stops, but, you know. I'll try and embrace the weather by not having pretty hairstyles or makeup that can be ruined by the rain. I'll bring a hat and wear lots of easily dried off outfits.

To begin this quest of busy-ness (not to be confused with business), I decided to write a novel in a month. Yeah. I'm one of those bloggers. The NANOWRIMO crew. Basically you have all of November to write 50000 words. That, my friends, is a lot of words.

I started four days late so it's been a game of catchup so far, and every day I fall farther and farther behind. But I'm doing it! Like I'm really trying. And that's all that matters. I've even got a general plot layed out in my head already with a beginning, a middle, a climax and an end, which is further than I've ever gotten before. It's all very exciting.

The NANOWRIMO website is very helpful in keeping you on track as well. You enter your word count in whenever you want. I've been doing it daily. It plots your progress on a graph, it tells you how many words you are averaging per day and how many you should be writing. It even has a thing that tells you when you'd finish if you kept writing at the pace you're writing. Right now mine says December 30th, haha. Woops. I'm trying, NANOWRIMO, I'm trying!

Here's an honest look at my progress:

I've got a friend visiting this weekend from Alberta, so I'd like to get days ahead of schedule. Wish me luck.

I'm reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami and it is not what I expected it to be. I'm about a third of the way into the book and am still not really sure where the story is leading but I am soooo intrigued.


I've been listening to The Nerdist podcast a lot on my way to work in the morning because

A) The guys on that podcast are hilarious.
B) They have interesting guests with interesting stories and points of view.
C) It's awesome to have something to listen to while walking in the rain. Music can make a gloomy day seem gloomier when it's just the soundtrack behind you. If it's some kind of black metal or something it makes the clouds seem darker. If it's a super happy song it makes walking in the rain feel ironic. If it's a slow song or a pretty song it brings a feeling of melancholy to it all. Podcasts, on the other hand, bring you into somebody else's world for a bit.

I've been thinking about getting audiobooks for this same reason. 


Yeah so that's about it for me, my days have been pretty full with just these small things. Throw in an hour or two of TV or staring at Instagram each day, maybe a dog walk in the evening, helping the kid with his homework, drawing stupid patterns in my stupid notebook and the occasional "alone time" with Ryan, and that's my life.

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