Sunday, 3 November 2013


(Theme song)

Hey ladies...have you seen the show Vikings that's on the History Channel? Despite horrid reviews and ... let's say less than accurate costume design and historical facts, Ryan and I decided to give it a go. And we really like it.

The show is filmed in breathtaking landscapes, has a compelling (if a touch fictional) story of how the Vikings ended up traveling West, it has some of the coolest hair on TV ever, features warrior ladies as well as men, and it does some of the best transitioning between languages I've ever seen on a TV show. You know how they go from German to French to English to Italian all the time in Inglorious Basterds and it's so smooth you hardly notice? It's the same with this show. As a language nerd I can really appreciate it.

Oh, and if that's not reason enough to watch the show ...

For real guys, just watch it for the amazing hair, the hot long haired guys and the awesome choreographed battles. 

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