Sunday, 1 December 2013


So this is how my days look. There are splashes of color and interest but it's mostly decaying leaves and grey skies. The weather has actually been quite beautiful for weeks now, it's shocking how little rain there's been. I did some yard work in high-waisted work pants last weekend and accidentally unearthed the front half of a mummified squirrel while raking up deep piles of leaves and fallen branches. I don't know where the rest of him is but it was a mildly disturbing find. Of course I took a picture.

*shudder* at first I thought it was a cat which would have been even worse but then I saw those little rodent teeth and grabby hands. But yeah check out those mom jean pants. Whatever, they're the only pants I don't care about AND that don't show half my ass when I'm bending over. I'm pretty sure that's the worst thing about having a big butt and a small waist, your fucking pants never fit. EVER.

Of course I've also been taking a multitude of selfies and dog photos as well, just not with my real camera. It's so much faster to post something straight to instagram. I've also started trying to make vines too, but I'm not very good at it yet. Not like Ryan the pro. Here's a still from one of his recent vines.

hahaha yeah. Mine certainly don't involve costume changes and soundtracks.


Oh I failed hard at meeting the National Novel Writing Month goal. I think I only have like 23 000 words down. Not even close to the 50 000 I was supposed to make. But seriously I don't understand how people finish something like that. They must not have jobs or lives or ... tv shows they have to watch every day and interesting books they want to read every night. haha okay okay I could have done better. It's not a pressing thing for me to WRITE A BOOK, it's not like I go around telling people I'm "a writer". It's all just for fun. My brain gets sad if I'm not making stuff.

And I'm not quitting the novel just because the month is over. I've got some great ideas brewing up in my brain, I think it's going to turn out pretty cool if I can pull it off. I still feel really inspired to finish it, which is awesome. I believe in my characters and hope something amazing happens to them at the end.

It's nice to have a couple projects on the go during this time of the year, when work slows down and the skies get greyer. Between trying to fix up the outside of the house (weather permitting), writing a novel and trying to learn to draw, I'm keeping pretty busy.

Oh yeah, drawing. I suuuuuuuuck at drawing. I feel like I have all these great ideas but I CAN'T DO IT, my hands and my imagination are connected to two different brains. 

It's especially hard, I think, for me, because I see really great art happen every day at work and so I have learned to have some pretty high standards when it comes to visual art. I can immediately see when something's not amazing. I'm nowhere near where I think I should be no matter how much I do and it's really frustrating. I refuse to show anybody anything I've been doing that isn't just fooling around and doodling.

That being said, I'm so so so happy I've heard this Ira Glass quote over and over on various websites and blogs, it's especially meaningful to me lately. I'll leave you with the quote, as originally said by Ira, and if you haven't heard it before and are creative in any way, I say listen to what he has to say on the subject. It's so true and so helpful.  

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