Sunday, 8 December 2013

frozen fountain

I seriously look forward to the times it gets to below 0 degrees Celsius for more than a few days just because of this damn fountain. It's in the middle of a roundabout near my bus stop and they never turn it off, no matter if it's overflowing with ice or what. And yeah. That happens.

I've posted photos of this when it happened before but that was years ago so I betcha most of you haven't seen it. It's insane and beautiful. The water is still shooting out of some of the spigots six or seven feet up into the air, but the ice is causing it to aim wildly into the road. There are winter plants, still green and red, completely coated in ice.

Inside the fountain there is weird frothy ice floating on top of freezing water like bubbles, dramatically lit from underneath with blue, turquoise and purple lights. And the ice has overflowed to about a 4 foot perimeter around the fountain as well. 

Not that I really want them to, but why don't they just turn it off in the winter??

Anyway words can not do it justice, so I ran into the middle of an intersection to take photos. There was me and a Chinese tourist who didn't speak any English but insisted on showing me every close-up shot he took with his five thousand dollar camera just standing in the middle of traffic photographing icicles. Good times.

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