Saturday, 7 December 2013

I wonder if they're going to keep this dialogue in the movie.

So everyone in the house wants to see the new Ender's Game movie but I'm one of those MUST READ THE BOOK FIRST people. I just started it the other day and was really enjoying it. It's a super quick read and pretty action packed. And, as a former nerd, I could really identify with the loneliness Ender feels when he's getting picked on. I'm only about a third of the way through the book and I've come across a few ... weird things.

First of all, (kind of spoiler alert, I guess) they're 6-12 year old boys and girls, taken away from their families and put into kind of an army training camp. And they are hanging out naked all the time in their bunks. Whyyyyyy are they naked so much?

And secondly ...

If you can't read it here's a transcription.

Ender decided that Alai was joking. "Hey, we can't all be niggers."
Alai grinned. "My grandpa would've killed you for that."
"My great grandpa would have sold him first."

This conversation seriously comes out of nowhere, it's not like they're discussing race relations or anything, they're just playing a game and then suddenly he's all "nigger" ... I was reading this while I was on the bus, and literally when I flipped the page and saw the N word I slouched down in my seat and subtly covered the book with my hand so nobody would see what I was reading!

Anyway other than that it's been a good story. lol

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