Thursday, 12 December 2013

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NPR's "book concierge" lists the best books of 2013. (website)

Victorian slang. Cool! (article)

The unfixed (not put in formaldehyde yet) brain. AKA why it's important to wear a bike helmet. CAUTION real brains in the video, (video)

Tattoos in Iran today. (blog post)

How the media failed women in 2013. (video)

Unlikely. Products that don't exist and also shouldn't. (photos)

Label yourself. (blog post)

Interview with Tim Burton. hahahaha exactly what I'd do. (video)

Snake being fooled by a cat's tail. (gif)

Norway is going to digitize ALL the books. ALL of them. (article) 

So you're feeling too fat to be photographed... (article)

15 facts about lego minifigures. (list)

I just might try and pull this child-traumatizing trick off this year! (diy)

Monkey teaches a guy to crush leaves. Aww he's so determined. (video)

Why Jupiter's red spot won't die. (article)

Wait, now selfies are feminist? (article)

I want this Simpsons shirt and this Simpsons shirt. They're juuuust subtle enough. (shop)

Joe Jonas writes about what it was like during the peak of the Jonas Brothers' popularity.  (article)

15 powerful insights from Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. (list)

Our neighborhood: a portrait of all habitable-zone planets within 60 light years of earth. (image)

Macro video of a fly cleaning itself. I almost thought it was cute but NOOO THAT MOUTH THING (video)

Wildlife of Alberta in 1947. (photos)

Where did the phrase "thinking outside the box" come from? I agree with the commenters, the ambiguous language made the entire experiment flawed. (article)

Sculptures of sagging skin. Wow, disturbing and fascinating. (photos)

Rare atmospheric phenomenon fills Grand Canyon with fog. (photos)

My kid's insane wishlist, annotated. (article)

This is why poor people's bad decisions make perfect sense. (article)

Lena Dunham interviews Judy Blume. (interview)

How to interact with costume characters like a normal human being. (blog post)

9 surprising facts about how our brain works. (list)

Where my ladies at? Sexism against women in science online. (video)

Non-photoshopped insanely elaborate photos. This is fantastic. (photos)

This is an amazing microsoft paint version of the movie Ratatouille. (image)

33 funny things that happened on Tumblr this year. (images)

11 awkward things about email. (list)

You can build your own 3D printer for only $300. (shop)

Early celebrity interviews. (videos)

6 things you probably don't know about the library. (blog post)

On labelling women "crazy". (article)

I agree with Noa's thoughts on that new bra that measures your heat levels or whatever. (blog post)

I'm pretty sure I've posted Convos with my Two Year Old before but I'm doing it again anyway because they are hilariously true. Oh Noa has compiled some of the best ones in one post. (videos)

A great quote on long term relationships and love. (quote)

Tool use in crocodylians: crocodiles and alligators use sticks as lures to attract water birds. (article)

The periodic table of your period. Ladies only! (image)

Evan Rachel Wood speaks out against censors who cut a scene showing a woman receiving oral sex. (article) Related: this nsfw shirt. (photo)

Really cool vintage photos of people with their pets. (photos)

One of the guys at my work has been making the coolest paintings lately. (photos)

Have you heard of The Eternity Puzzle? (blog post)

You like baby elephants? Me too. Go here to watch Lily for two minutes. (video)

Quote from a man who just had both his feet amputated, haha! (quote)

Emus play with a weasel ball toy. (video)

Models painted as flags, eating stereotypical food from that country. (photos)

Scary Japanese tire commercial comes with health warning. I knew what was going to happen, steeled myself and it still scared me. Do not watch if you have heart problems. (video)

Don't know what you get your stalker friend for Christmas? What about making them a piece of hair jewelry? (article)

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