Thursday, 19 December 2013


What up!! If you're reading this I'm on my way up-island, as we say here on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, to watch a kid's Christmas concert. Afterwards we're driving back, Ryan's going to work the graveyard shift and I'll be sleeping in a secret location near a hotel so I can catch a shuttle to the airport at 4:20am! What a life, I tell ya. So glamorous.

I'll be away for two weeks in sunny fabulous ... small-town central Alberta. I'm bringing my computer and my various other electronic devices so I'm certain you'll see me around the twitters and the instagrams and the like, but I'm not sure how much free time I'm actually going to have, what with all the family stuff I want to do and the snowmen I want to make and then ninja kick. So I've scheduled a bunch of posts, most of them are like, pretty pictures or whatever but still worth a glance if you're bored or you just miss me so much you can't stand to not see me post something random for one single day.

And now, your links. And selfies. Some of them are artsy because of the black and white filter.

What's your mental age? Mine is 34 which is pretty close! (quiz)

I usually don't care for facial tattoos that much but THIS ONE IS AWESOME (photos)

Johi's trip to Las Vegas sounds pretty funny. She always has good stories. (blog post)

This made me feel better about ... just being human. (comic)

AHAHAHA The Beatles trolling the press. (photos/quotes)

Man decorates his entire basement with $10 worth of Sharpie. (photos)

Tattooed women in the Guardian. (blog post)

How to wear 10 clothing items for 30 days. This is actually really helpful, I'm about to pack to go away for a couple weeks. (blog post)

Guy brings his white girl to a Harlem barbershop. I hate how much I like these "what would you do" videos.  (video)

You guys know how prevalent herpes is in the world, here's one girl's experience and some good info. Stay informed and USE PROTECTION you wieners. (blog post)

Have you seen the Plastic Bodies photo series by Sheila Pree? (photos/article)

Taking photos interferes with memory. (article)

The Onion reviews The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. LOL I agree about Peta vs Gale haha (video)

Youth, folly and wrinkles. On being surprised by aging. I can relate. (blog post)

Is the universe a hologram? I'm freaking out, man. (article)

Did you hear what happened to that dumbass who made the iPhone cookies? (photos)

The hipster baby name generator. My next dog's name is going to be Gala Elenor Rella. haha (website)

Guy buys an iPad mini from WalMart and doesn't get what he paid for. (video)

Inside the rainbow gulag: the technicolor rise and fall of Lisa Frank. (article)

They're made of meat. (short story)

Joan Corella makes the most disturbing comics. (blog)

How the years have changed me. I feel this way about pretty much every teen movie, I find myself identifying with the parents, like JUST LET THE KID STUDY FOR HIS FINALS YOU ASSHOLE FRIENDS, you're ruining his life for one party! (image)

December ... more violent from that perspective, isn't it? (video)

This is the cutest family Christmas card video ever. I wish those parents the best in their future endeavors! (video)

Realistic family portrait. True and depressing. (photo)

Stories of common hustles and cons from around the world. (article)

Russian Prison Tattoo films. (blog post/video)

Paul Rudd plays the same clip (from one of my favorite childhood movies) every time he's on the Conan O'Brien show. (video)

21 racial microaggressions heard on a daily basis. WOW ... I have a multiracial family and some of these sound pretty familiar. (list)

Thanks Danielle,Sarah Von, Rookie and Kellie.

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