Thursday, 30 January 2014

50 links

Yo everybody I changed my header, it's basically the same but with a better picture of me so the internet thinks I'm cool, in case the internet ever comes around here to see what I'm up to.

I thought fifty links was a lot but as I'm about to post this I actually have another ten or so ready for the next links post. So get ready, there's probably another one coming in the near future.

So here's a story from last night about my toenail. You know how when you are clipping your fingernails and sometimes the nail will still be attached at the corner, and then you just grab it with your other hand and pull and it pops off and then you throw it in the garbage or whatever? Well I was cutting the nail on my big toe and this situation occurred, except rather than just coming off like a regular toenail clipping would do, it stayed attached and tore a thin strip of my toenail right off, up the side, all the way to the nail bed, hangnail-nightmare-style. And then ALL THE BLOOD came out. It was not one of my finer moments. Oddly enough it did not hurt and continues not to hurt today.



I wish I had a girl gang.


Do you want to hear another story about my toenail? Just kidding that was the only one. Ok here are the links.

1. Nobody on earth needs this cheese slicer and nobody on earth wants to clean it after use but it's still kind of cool. (shopping)

2. Seahawks player Richard Sherman explains what the media really means when they call him a "thug". (video)

3. Here are some early sketches from The Simpsons. (images)

4. A guy films his roommate who says the weirdest shit when he naps. (video) (some nsfw/kids language)

5. Hey Britain, we're sending you a ghost ship full of cannibal rats. You're welcome. (article)

6. Gawker may have stopped the new Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight from ever coming out by leaking the script. (article)

7. Twitter-bashing-bores. (article)

8. I've actually posted this before but just in case you missed it, here is a list of Kurt Cobain's favorite albums. I went ahead and downloaded a bunch of these, you can REALLY hear where the influences for his sound came from. (list)

9. Save your apology. (blog post)

10. Want a personalized Monopoly game? Me neither but I like the idea of it. (shopping)

11. 52 places to go in 2014. (photos/list/article)

12. The daily routines of famous writers. (article)

13. The perfectionist's guide to setting realistic goals. (blog post)

14. Kids who have mastered hide and seek. (photos)

15. Mapping emotions on the body. Not sure how scientific this study was but it's still interesting. (images)

16. Alice Munro chats with Margaret Atwood. (video)

17. Why walking through a doorway makes you forget. (article)

18. These statues really are incredible. (photos)

19. Take one step forward to see what hurricane Sandy did. (Google street view)

20. A lion cub plays in some leaves. AWW (photo)

21. It's check out my junk'o'clock. Ahhh dogs are hilarious. (blog post)

22. Have you ever noticed how much Brad Pitt eats and drinks in his films? Here's an album of him in just the Ocean's movies. (photos)

23. This blind man has a cool outlook on life. (captioned photos)

24. Caitlin (of Ask A Mortician) had to put her cat down. Here's the story of The Meow's passing. It's sad but she gives some really good information about euthanasia. I had a good cry reading this though, caution, feelings will probably happen. (blog post)

25. Read this if you dare: the hottest new trend in eBooks is Bigfoot erotica. What. (article)

26. How 'Friends' created a generation of neurotic self-obsessed idiots. (article)

27. This guy's feet must really smell bad. (gif)

28. Nearby galaxy M82 hosts a new Supernova! (article)

29. Sooooo ... I guess regular texting is OVER? p.s. I'm novaisOSMful on Snapchat. (article)

30. 8 amazing museums that let you stay the night. (list)

31. My life working as a model in China. (article)

32. How not to talk to your kids. The inverse power of praise. (article)

33. I think you're fat. Radical honesty. (article)

34. Nature inspired art made of textiles. These are gorgeous! (photos)

35. The movie Captain Phillips is one big lie according to crew members. (article)

36. This Twitter account is just things overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevator. (twitter)

37. This Banksy exhibition looks pretty cool. (photos)

38. Check out Mark Leaver's photos of people who have facial tattoos. (photos)

39. Melting glaciers in Italy reveal corpses of WWI soldiers! (article)

40. Dude, this is how you can tell you're in trouble. (blog post)

41. Size is relative. (photo)

42. How thousands of Londoners died in one plague-ridden week in 1665. (article)

43. Fight Club minus Tyler Durden. (video)

44. Did you know the movie Napoleon Dynamite is such an unpredictably polarizing movie that companies like Netflix had trouble using it in their systems? (article)

45. It looks like Parks and Recreation is coming back for a seventh season! YESSSS (article)

46. Funny passive-aggressive notes from kids. (photos)

47. Six insane discoveries that science can't explain. (cracked article)

48. You can buy the velociraptor crate from the opening scene of Jurassic Park! (ebay)

49. 75 Amazing photographs! (photos)

50. Why play small? (blog post)

I hope you've enjoyed another edition of Nova's too-many-links hour!

A big thanks to:
Danielle x2
Sarah Von

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