Monday, 20 January 2014


Lately I've been...

Feeling: completely confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing or enjoying right now. I had two weeks away in Alberta to visit my family, and then came home to two weeks of utter chaos and 12 hour workdays. Today is the first day of a semi-normal life again and I don't know how to do it!

Watching: Black Mirror. Whoa you guys. We've just finished episode four of six and this show is fantastic! It's a British TV series, very Twilight Zone-esque, but each episode is over an hour long and focuses on the ways technology could will interact with humanity in the near-ish future. It's very well done and each episode has caused us to think about some very core values we hold.

Thinking about: goals, the future, changes, bla bla bla. Just vaguely wondering what this year will bring and feeling very optimistic.

Listening to: the Nerdist podcast. I'm almost through their entire archive, and then I'm absolutely going to get the entire archive of the Ricky Gervais podcast next. I have some playlists I'll go through on the bus sometimes but I haven't given a new band a try in months. My favorite song at the moment is probably Bellringer Blues by Grinderman (AKA Nick Cave and some of The Bad Seeds)

Laughing about: that photo at the top of this post. I was walking to the side as my brother took the panoramic photo, and I walked right into the stitching. I look like a blue and red stick! 

Reading: I'm finally reading The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. What took me so long?

Loving: to be honest, sleeping. I just LOOOOVVVVEEE sleeping right now.

Drinking: Too much alcohol. For some reason it seems perfectly normal to have 4935833 beers when I'm hanging out with my family. In my normal day-to-day just a couple beer makes me sleepy and fucks me up for days, but I can party all night if my brother's around. Weird.

Eating: On Saturday I got free nachos, it made my whole day amazing.

Missing: feeling in-control of my routine and my schedule in general. I want to re-join a gym but I was loath to do so at the beginning of January at the risk of becoming a New Years resolution stereotype. I want to finish that novel I started in November. I have plenty of mini-goals that take time and focus, and I need to create more structure in my life in order to foster big ideas.

Looking forward to: the other night after the culmination of shots, pool and drinking games, I texted Ryan and apparently agreed to accompany him to Vancouver to see one of Neutral Milk Hotel's reunion tour shows. So I am looking forward to actually listening to that band and hopefully liking them ... because I'm going to see them in April!

Note to self: do not make big promises when super drunk.

So...what have you been up to??

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