Friday, 17 January 2014

Don't say good morning or I'll shun you.

One of my HUGE pet peeves is doing routine greetings. What I'm talking about is the thing where you see the same person every day and tip your hat and go "Good morning!" I hate that. Even in the morning here in the house, it just irks me when the kid or Ryan gets up and the first thing they say is "good morning". They may as well have gotten up and spit in my face for all the rage I feel. I have no idea why I'm so flippin' anti-social but it's gotten to the point where I will actively avoid a person if it'll get me out of the routine.

Now, I don't hate seeing people in general. I don't mind saying other things or if we change it up every time. It's the expectation of the greeting that makes me super angry. It's completely irrational but I don't know what I can do about it.

I have three, count them, three old men who get me no matter which way I walk to the bus stop. There's Clarence, the sweetheart bus stop 90-something year old man who isn't the worst, he makes jokes sometimes or asks "how ya doin today?" or whatever, but even just seeing him day after day waiting on the bus bench as I walk towards him makes me livid. WHYYYY??? I LOVE HIS COMPANY!

There's tall old man who walks a cool husky dog who I see probably three times a week. He always nods and says good morning loudly at me, even when I'm wearing headphones and can't hear a damn thing I can hear his good morning. I say it back because I appreciate his dedication to his dog and he's friendly.

And then there's wheelchair waver. He sits at the end of his driveway on good weather days in his electric wheelchair and just waves with a really harsh mannerism. He looks like he was in the army for fifty years. He looks like a really grouchy old man too so I feel like I should appreciate the generosity of the wave but sometimes I want to just pretend I don't see him.

It's almost gotten to the point where I see them and want to give up, turn around and go home. And it makes no sense.

So yeah, what's up with that?

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