Monday, 27 January 2014

hair and shopping. you know, girl stuff

Only recently I've felt like I've reached my goal of having "girl hair". I've been growing it for a couple years. My favorite thing to do is braid it for a day or overnight (either in one or two braids) and then take it out and enjoy the waves. Having long hair rules. I feel super proud of it, I haven't felt proud of my hair like this in a very long time.

These are the major CONS of having long hair:

1. What is up with all the shedding? My shower drain is clogged like every 2 weeks.
2. Static. It's worse in the prairies but hair sticking to your face is the worst.
3. It gets caught in the zipper of my hoodie and I lay on it sometimes.

 Totally worth it! I feel all pretty and stuff.


I went on a bit of an internet shopping spree the other night. I got a sketchbook, a pair of funny socks, a new umbrella, a t-shirt I've wanted for over a year and a sweater too! Sometimes you just have to
Treat yo' self!


Shirts are from the Stay Home Club, everything else from Threadless.

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