Friday, 31 January 2014

Help me find some new blogs to follow!

My morning routine goes something like this: alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm, get up, make coffee, feed dog, give dog fresh water, put dog outside, turn on computer, let dog inside, pour cup of coffee, read blogs for an hour before anybody else gets out of bed.

But lately I've been unfollowing so many people and skipping every-other post by everybody else on Bloglovin'. I feel like the bloggers I befriended a few years back have nearly all either quit, specialized (aka became awesome sewing or knitting blogs) or changed because of other lifestyle changes (having kids, etc). I follow a lot of people out of a sense of loyalty but skip almost all their posts in my bloglovin' feed just because I can't relate to them anymore.

I still have the oxymoronic-sounding gang of "cool bloggers" who I totally hang out with on Twitter ... even though like half of them are pregnant and/or have just had a baby recently, so I'm worried how their blogs will handle the change. And if you *cough*Caitlin*cough*Becky*cough*Suzy*cough* are reading this, please know that of course your life should change and blogs are really unimportant fleeting temporary art installments as compared to the creation of human life and raising a good person!

Buuuuuuuuuut ... that being said, I'm gonna need some new blogs to read.

Here are my criteria.


-actual writing in nearly every post
-everyday stories
-dorky people or someone who's a nerd/expert on something
-people who get excited about things
-cat or dog pictures
-transcribed conversations, especially if they're funny or outrageous
-links posts
-opinions on actual matters
-30-somethings without kids or who are able to speak about their children in a non-adoring fashion/with a sense of humor
-"alternative" lifestyle blogs
-good tattoos (lol everyone on the internet thinks their tattoos are good...)
-"lately"/"what I've been up to" posts
-book reviews
-movie reviews
-a variety of posts on a variety of topics
-anything about notebooks or organization
-relatable content


-always trying to sound/look untouchably cool
-gigantic photos of models/landscapes/ponies
-unachievable lifestyles
-giveaway posts every five seconds
-the word "amazeballs"
-baby/mommy blogs
-sponsored posts
-etsy wishlists or any wishlist or shopping thing really
-hair and makeup tutorials
-blog "features" or interviews
-outfit posts
-apologies for not blogging enough
-photographers posting engagement photos
-people with seemingly endless supplies of money for some reason/trophy wives
-endless fitness/gym/marathon posts - some are ok, especially if they come with a story
-DIY posts
-review posts, where they repost things they already posted in hopes of garnering more pageviews
-cooking/recipes of any kind
-too much about your own store/etsy shop/whatever
-shitty tattoos that "happen" to be in every single photo of the blogger, like, for example check out the promo photos of the singer Adam Lavine from the band Maroon 5 ... the ratio of tattooed arms showing is too damn high.
-stolen images/photos/inspirational quotes or content from Pintrest or anywhere, without credit given to the original artist.
-center-justified text, keep it to the left, folks, or my brain can't understand what it's reading.
-too much sappy "I love my family/husband/boyfriend" crap

Here is a cross-section of my favorite bloggers, for reference: Suzy, Caitlin, Angry Ink, Suzy, Ashley, Sarah, Caitlin, Johi, Kristin, Elly, Amalie, Gilly and Tattoo Rant.

Soooooo yeah, keeping all that in mind, do you have any blogs you can recommend to me?

 Inspired by this post, written by my long-time Mexican blog pal Victoria.

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