Monday, 6 January 2014

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Does reading actually change your brain? (article)

I'm putting it out there now, nobody is preserving my skin after I die okay? (article)

Can you really name a star? (article/video)

I would really love a glow in the dark driveway. (photos)

A paper published in the Medical Journal of Australia theorizes evil, as evidenced by the inhabitants of Middle Earth, is due a Vitamin D deficiency.

Are you anti-vaccination because of something you read on Facebook?  (article)

Suck and Blow: the oral history of the Clueless party scene. (article/interview)

Ernesto the bear from space. (comic)

Why productive people get up insanely early. (article)

Cell phone crashing at the airport. (video)

Dolphins get high on puffer toxin. Yup. (article)

The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating. In America I assume. (infographic)

The entire cast of Futurama on a poster, like the Simpsons one. (image)

The tattooed priestesses of Hathor. (blog post)

This is completely cheesy but I kind of want to start a gratitude jar. (blog post)

Important life lessons from Pintrest's top posts of 2013. lol. (list)

31 things to know BEFORE entering college. (list)

Twerking is not for everyone. (gif)

How "Hygge" can help you get through the winter. (article)

The spider who couldn't hide. (video) Warning, spider. Obviously.

Pussy Riot is getting released! (article)

The truth about being an ideaholic. How to implement some of your ideas. (blog post)

28 most iconic feminist moments in 2013. (list)

More than 300 sharks in Australia are now on Twitter. (article)

The 22 most embarrassing pages from the 1990 JC Penney Christmas catalog. Some of these are almost unbelievable. The mom jeans dog guy's jacket? The "incredibly large" leather jackets? THOSE WERE HIGH FASHION hahahaha nooo (images)

I can't stop playing A Dark Room. It's a really slow text-based game where you build up your own little village ... give it a whirl, you'll see what I mean. (game) Edit: okay I stopped playing after a few hours because my guys kept getting attacked to death by lizards in caves and I got frustrated.

Eight things you can live without. Downsizing. I could take some of this advice. (list)

100 of the most powerful photos of 2013. (photos)

Have we nothing left to say off-line? (article)

55 great books under 200 pages. (infographic)

Invulnerable inviolable bitches. (blog post)

12 shoes for 12 lovers. Insane. (blog about shoe sculptures)

Want to know which words originated in your birth year? Mine is "downloadable" which surprised me, actually. (website)

A lifetime's one regret. (article on people's regrets)

When your mother says she's fat. (article)

How to tip toe through a rebrand. I think about doing this once a month and messed up my own moves three times in a row so I found it pretty interesting. (blog post)

When you're offered what you want say yes! (blog post)

Why you need a punch in the face. 6 lessons learned in 2013 (blog post)

What would you do with $25000? (video)

How to survive a Christmas visit with your hoarding mother. Whoa. (article)

North Korea in 2013. (photos)

Passweird, a gross password generator. (website)

Who goes to work to have fun? (article)

Real estate realities. Stop dreaming of a perfect home. (blog post)

Boycott angora. (blog post)

Why your name matters. As a person with an unusual name this makes a lot of sense actually. (article)

Just some books the NYT critics like. (article)

10 thoughts about embracing the aging process. (blog post)

Inside the box: we don't like creativity. (article)

The Bob's Burger experiment. (blog)

I think Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are totally overrated as feminine idols. (article)

How Elizabeth Gilbert writes. I love the term "farmer's hours", that's when I'm most productive as well. And HO. LY. SHIT her writing space is fantastic. (interview)

Cleaning: the final feminist frontier. I find this true in my house, what about you? (article)

The blog is dead. Long live the blog. (article)

Enough already with giving zero fucks. (blog post)

Want to know which watercolor/ink sketchbook to buy? Some helpful reviews. (blog post)

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