Sunday, 19 January 2014

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Here are a few podcast suggestions. I also recommend Nerdist. Those guys are hilarious. (blog post)

Why women aren't welcome on the internet. (article)

14 habits of highly miserable people. Don't do these things. (article)

40 maps that will help you make sense of the world. (images)

I deserve it. When do you stop treating yo' self? (blog post)

Prison visit instagram. (article/photos)

This is a really powerful ad. Drive safer. (video)

Science funding is being cut more and more in Canada, and it's even worse than I thought! (article)

Very punny. (blog post)

One really great tip for keeping a clean house. (blog post)

35 pictures that prove this world isn't such a bad place. (photos)

The newspaper Stan Smith looks at in the opening bit of American dad is always hilarious. (images)

So uhhh I've only ever seen sunfish that are palm-sized. This? Is much bigger than that and is blowing my mind. (photo)

Tarantino's new movie is going to be called "The Hateful Eight". (article)

The actual man who the character of Kramer on Seinfeld is actually based on gives tours of NYC. (advertisement/crappy website)

The heavy metal subculture in Botswana. All that leather! (photos)

10 tax deductions for small businesses. (blog post) This was written in the USA, I'm not sure how it works in other countries but these sound like things you can use in Canada too. It's worth looking into anyway.

Interview with a former co-worker who went to lunch and never came back. (interview)

American Apparel mannequins are now sporting a full bush (photos) NSFW maybe?

Every cocktail bar menu ever. (image)

WWII photos of pin-ups painted on airplane noses, taken in the China-Burma-India theater of WWII. (photos) NSFW-ish
"Since I know someone might ask: The camels are for the "hump," or having made it over the Himalayas from making bombing runs into Japanese occupied China. He was stationed in Burma, and was a part of the China Burma India theater of WW2. Also, most of these noses were painted over for the planes that survived to make it back to the US." - reddit user cojafoji

Real funny. How fat people are portrayed in TV and movies sucks. (blog post)


The first comment! haha


4 things I learned from the worst online dating profile ever. This is disgusting. (article)

The Brian Kelly army. Get a tattoo of Brian Kelly's face for 20 euros. (blog post)

How to tell if you are in a Bronte novel. (list)

14 fucks I refuse to give. (blog post)

My sister is selling canvas prints of her photographs, I LOVE this one.  I spent a lot of time over the xmas holidays trying to convince her that selling online is a good idea, and maybe she could open an Etsy store. (facebook pic)

How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public. (article/graph)

18 things women shouldn't have to justify. (list)

Portraits of Michael Jackson impersonators. (photos)

13 words you probably didn't know were invented by Shakespeare. (article)

Whoever runs the DiGiorno Pizza twitter account is awesome. (twitter)

10 reasons no one is following you on Instagram. (list)

Enjoying reality. (comic)

Diaries written by British WWI soldiers are to be put online by National Archives. (article)

Apparently emoticons are turn-offs for women. I tend to agree. (article)

Andrea's 2013 was prettier than yours, I can almost guarantee it. (blog post)



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