Sunday, 2 February 2014

a bit of a free-write

I went to the Victoria Royals (WHL) hockey game last night with Ryan and the kids. I hate crowds and I hate the constant threat of being featured on the kiss-cam. Oh and last night I also had the extreme displeasure of being seated directly behind a total creep, a ... probably 30-something man ogling anything with boobs and/or butts, and saying extremely inappropriate things about two teenage girls who were young enough to think jumping up and down for free pizza during a promo that happened between 2nd and 3rd period* was a good idea. Gross.

BUUUT all that said, I'm still beginning to enjoy the atmosphere a bit more, now that I've been three times.** I kind of know the routine and actually participated in "the wave" too, which felt so stupid to do but looked so cool when it went around the stadium. haha

*I forgot the word for "period" and had to Google "hockey terminology" hahaha what a nerd
**I originally wrote "thrice" there but it sounded way too Victorian

There's always an icicle stab to my heart a few times per game when I remember that my little brother was a really good hockey player before he died. I always felt like he could have made it, I don't know how far because I don't know hockey tiers very well but I know he could have done great things. And then ... one of his favorite bands, and I use the term "bands" loosely here, was LMFAO. Whose music plays like 45 times per hockey game. So there's a lot of YAY HOCKEY TEAM oh god I'm thinking of Jaden now. I mean, look at this guy, can't you see him being a pro? AHH

Such an awesome picture. As Ryan pointed out you can even see that he's not looking down at the puck, he's looking ahead at where he's going.

All that, along with the crowds, the bros and the terrible music and the cowbells (yes I'm serious) and did I mention the crowds? Anyway that all should be enough to deter me from ever going to a hockey game ever again, right? Well it doesn't because

A) I realize I need to get out of the house more, like really.

B) Family time is important, make memories bla bla bla

C) It's an inexpensive way to see famous hockey players or soon-to-be famous ones.

D) What else would I be doing? Nothing. That's what. Probably watching a re-run of American Dad or something.

E) I LOVE watching hockey goalies when they first come out after the ice gets zambonied and they do this weird shuffly thing to scuff up the ice in their crease. Actually I'm obsessed with goalies in general, they don't look quite human. Here's what I mean if you don't know what the f the shuffly thing I'm talking about is:

F) I also love watching the players on the bench, they look just like they do in the movies which sounds stupid but they do. Next time you're at a hockey game look at the bench. You'll see what I mean.

G) There is always a chance to see a fight. Which I did yesterday, gloves off, it was like the movie Goon, which is a fantastic hockey movie if you haven't seen it. It's hilarious. Oh snap I found the actual fight I saw yesterday on YouTube! And here it is! Hint: watch the bottom right corner to see them throw their gloves off.

Brutal! So many punches to the face, daaaang. How is that part of a game???!?!?!?!

Okay well I ran out of time to write about anything else so I guess this is just a blog post about hockey? WHO AM I???

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