Wednesday, 26 February 2014

F*** Yeah Hand Tattoos

This is a recent selfie I took in January. Look at those conspicuously white hands!! And that Scapegoat tattoo shirt!! :D If you live in Portland that is where you should be getting tattooed. No excuses. Go there.

You guys have no idea how badly I want tattooed hands. I probably think about it every single day I'm at work in the tattoo shop, no joke. It's like my number one daydream. (Is that sad? lol)

I've worked in a tattoo shop long enough (SEVEN YEARS, whaaaat) to really truly weigh the pros and cons of going through with it. To some people, even myself sometimes, it seems totally silly for me to wait. What's another tattoo when you have so many? But to other people (and me sometimes) hand tattoos are a really big deal. I have an extreme version of the same dilemma most people have when they come into the shop after they finally decide to get their first tattoo.

How will this change people's perception of me?

They don't call them "job stoppers" without reason. I have to find my place in the world and be sure I won't need to fool anybody into hiring me by wearing long sleeves (and then after being hired casually asking the company policy on tattoos and/or cardigans) again.

So yeah, I am still not ready to get my hands fully tattooed (or neck/throat for the same reason) but I do think it will happen eventually. I feel like at 31 years old I am mature enough to make a good decision, and if the times comes I know I will be a hundred percent sure it's what I want to do. No takesies backsies!

But being careful with my decisions doesn't stop me from constantly browsing Fuck Yeah Hand Tattoos and sighing and picturing myself with awesome tattoos I can never hide.

I guess this is my version of the Etsy wishlist blog post. Here are some hand-tattoo looks I'm digging. As you'll see I'm a real big fan of busy looking hands and I haven't quite decided whether or not to go all American traditional or all blackwork or a mix or what yet either. I like it all!

Fingers by Bastien Jean

Rose by Bert Thomas

Unattributed finger lines found here

Rose by Uncle Allan on the lovely Flora Amalie!! :) 

Knuckle flower by Gre Hale

Hand lines by Jorge Teran

Crazy octopus holding finger bones by Joel Madberg who either doesn't have any web presence or has changed his name to Joel Soos???

Butterfly and flower by Filip Henningsson.

Centipede thumb by swaytattooer.

This one's also by Filip Henningsson.


I'll probably also get my palms tattooed at some point, once I cross the line into hand tattoo territory. I know I know, it's the worst pain ever ... that's half the reason I want to do it tbh. I want to join the big kid club. The other half? It looks SOOOOO COOOOOL !!!!!

Butterfly by Rose Hardy. If you can't tell I'm a real fan of the split butterfly thing.

Tattoo by Matthew Crim.

Unattributed photo found here. To me, this is something I could do now if I wanted. No idea why that's okay to me but getting the tops of my fingers done isn't. Boundaries are weird.

Unattributed photo found here.

Note to the uninitiated: palm tattoos do NOT EVER heal up perfectly. Below I've put a typical example of a palm tattoo. The first picture is fresh, directly after the tattoo was done. The next tattoo is how it looks healed. No joke, this is a good heal. And the third picture is during some touch ups ... that will most likely heal the same way they did before.

Just so you all don't go running down to your local tattoo artist banging on the door demanding palm tattoos, most tattooers won't do it on just anybody, either. You probably have to have tons of tattoos by them first, so it's not a case of you getting one that heals up shitty and then telling everyone it's the artist's fault.

Tattoo by Ferank Manseed.


 Someday, blank hands. *sigh* Someday.

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