Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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The house in the sea. I can get behind living here ... except what happens if the bridge breaks? (photos)

This would be an interesting debate to watch: Bill Nye vs "creation apologist" Ken Ham. (live stream TODAY) (oh whoops I think I missed it.)

A reverse gif in which a cat faxes something urgently. (gif)


Delta's new in-flight safety video is a tribute to the 80s. (video)

20 things I learned from traveling around the world. And now I have major wanderlust. (article)

How to get an MBA from Eminem. (facebook post)

Photos of abandoned amusement parks. (photos)

Nanook of the North. A video from the '20s on igloo building. So cool! (video)

This guy spent the mid-90s living in a traveling rave van. (article/photos)

Madonna, what are you doing? (article)

Scaring kittens. (gif)

Amazing life advice from a 20 year old Hunter S. Thompson. (article)

Defending Beyonce. (blog post)

Dax Shepard writes about why the children of celebrities should be off limits to the paparazzi. I agree. (article)

Climbing Big Ben. The story behind the clock is really interesting. (blog post)

This is an album of people with their biggest insecurities written on them in marker. (photos)

The ten worst jobs in books.  (list)

This Barneys ad campaign features transgender models. (photos/article)

The 5 best punctuation marks in literature. (article)

Literary valentines. (gifs)

Big-boob problems. (comics)

Customers say the darndest things. Sometimes I think this guy is me haha (blog post)

Highlights from Bill Murray's "ask me anything" on Reddit. (interview)

A shopping list from the 1897 Sears Roebuck catalog. Boys were wearing ALL THE RUFFLES (images)

There's a new software called "beeline" that supposedly helps you read faster by utilizing a subtle text color shift. I read 3% faster in the "grey" setting. Give it a try! (website)

I listened to all of Pitchfork's top 100 tracks of 2013 and I didn't die. haha (blog post)

Our young-adult dystopia. I feel the same way about Divergent, but feel kind of bad about it after learning the author was only 21!!! (article)

On Facebook, clicking "like" can help scammers. (article)

My road to recovery from "good news porn". (article)

Committing to play for a college, then starting 9th grade. (article)

Flags made from each country's traditional food. (photos)

My personal FOX News nightmare: inside a month of self-induced torture. (article)

How I lost my $50 000 Twitter username. (article)

What kind of meat is human meat? Maybe not for the squeamish, I don't know. (article)

10 creative rituals you should steal. Oh, I should just fly somewhere on vacation every three months? Why didn't I think of that? lol (article)

I think a "dementia village" is a great idea. (article)

Here's the trailer for The Fault in our Stars!! Annnnd I'm crying. "Okay." (video)

We need a new relevance/sexuality-proving dance move, ladies. (article)

Syria's heritage in ruins. (photos/article)

Courtney Love has a new web series coming out. I'm sure I'll hate-watch this. haha I don't know, I like her and I also don't at all. (video)

This is how I look when we go shopping. (photos)

Oh, moon moon. This is hilarious. (hint: click to enlarge) (photos)

Pediatrician: Vaccinate your kids - or get out of my office. (article)

The handwriting of famous authors. (images)

Tiny beads in beauty products are accumulating in the Great Lakes. (article)

Dear aspiring writer. (blog post)

Here are a couple interesting articles on "the death" of the blog and the state of blogging since 2013. (blog posts)




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