Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February links 2

People always say the same thing about tattoos. (article)
It happened to me: I had my breast implants removed while I was awake. (article)
I can't imagine being a celebrity, but Matt Damon is a pro! (video)
What not to read. A different sort of book club. (blog post)
February books to look out for, according to the New Yorker. (list)
This crappy obituary - for the woman I found dead in the Starbucks parking lot. The comments! (blog post)
Struggling with perfectionism? Try this. (blog post)
Forty is the new forty. (blog post)
I don't want to do this because the internet is my only friend but if you want to unplug here's how. (printable guide)
Oh what a lovely ... Nazi ... seaside resort. (article/photos)
Creepy old photos.  (photos) And some info on them. (reddit)
What the f...I've never heard of "ice cream bread" before, have you? (recipe/blog post)
Why the self-publishing shit volcano is a problem. (blog post)
13 funny grave stones and other post mortem humor. I'd like a funny headstone! (photos)
True story: I lived at the South Pole for a year. (interview)
Hasn't anybody ever told you a handful is enough? On having "the perfect figure". (blog post)
These six questions test your knowledge on who vs whom. (quiz)
Mean Girls director spills ten juicy stories. (article)
A conversation with my copy editor. (interview)
Lyle Tuttle has officially tattooed on all seven continents. (blog post)
Reasons my son is crying. (tumblr) 
This is my first world problem. Not Starbucks though. Don't know why I feel the need to clarify that but I do. (meme)
How rape culture and patriarchy hurt men. (article)
Dissection photography. (photos/article)
What are people thinking about you? (blog post)
Is your brain chemically dependent on stress? (article)
Shirley Manson didn't get herself in a Buzzfeed quiz about alt rock girls. haha (article)
A baby elephant feeding egrets. (photo)
These bearcat guys are hilarious. (gifs)
Ukrainian hipsters. (photos)
Suzy and company had a cool idea for watercolor painting in the winter. (blog post)
Articles on the Woody Allen/Dylan Farrow accusations and responses One and Two and Three and Four and Five and Six
Glee over Sochi problems is a problem of its own. (article)
Mark Allen Johnson photographs everything that's wrong. (photos/interview)
Everything you need to know about being a terrible writer you can learn from Brian Griffin. (article)
Is the literary world elitist? Yes. Yes it is. (article)
Waiting for the vet. (photo)
Suzy writes about the anthropomorphism of cancer. (blog post)
I love Humans of New York. Here are some new ones. (images/text)
The health hazards of sitting. (infographic)


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