Sunday, 23 February 2014

stepping up the step-mom

I have really had a hard time embracing the title of "step mom". Mainly because to me it implies that the kids' dad and I are legally married, which we are not. (That's when the shift from mom's boyfriend and dad's girlfriend happened for me when I was a kid and my parents remarried.) Also? I just straight up do not see myself as a parent. I'm just ... like ... the other person who hangs out in the house, pays half the bills, and just casually has a super romantic serious relationship with the dad. haha I don't know. 

But listen, when the kid asks me to show up to a thing I try and make it happen. And when he refers to me as his "step-mom" I play the part as best I can. Sometimes when there are kids in your life you have to do things like "be there" and "support" things, no matter how immature and goofy you feel you are.  And guess what. I kind of like being a karate parent. They're so ... un-babying to their kids. They're like "oh you got punched in the face, my five year old? Stop crying, you're fine, go back out there and kick him super hard in the stomach." haha And watching a karate tournament is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than a baseball game or whatever. 

Although, frankly, after four hours even watching black belts kicking each others asses gets a little boring. 

Yesterday was the kid's first ever competition. I don't mean in karate, I mean in his entire life. Because ... let's just say he grew up somewhere that discourages anything except peace and love and holding hands and yoga. ANYWAY so it was a big deal. 

Not only was it all the karate schools in Victoria at this thing, there was also a crazy intimidating school from Vancouver, the Purple Dragons. They showed up in matching shiny purple tracksuits with dragons on them and did this scary war cry, it was AWESOME. haha I don't even care that they were the competition, they were amazing. During their katas some of the students did fucking cartwheels into punches and splits and also some of them were like six years old and it was just like watching The Karate Kid live. I even saw a guy take a roundhouse to the face during the black belt sparring. I was like "is this even real life?"

My camera battery wasn't as charged as I thought it was so I barely got any photos, and the lighting is terrible because it was in a catholic school gymnasium and one of the terrible yellow fluorescents was flickering all day long but here are some photos. I made them black and white for drama and to hide the yellowness of it all.

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