Friday, 14 February 2014

the most metal guy who ever metalled

Dyed black shoulder length hair, black leather jacket, black pants, black boots. It was actually a good look for him, he had a really great young Glen Danzig thing going on. He moved over to the seat nearest mine and made himself comfortable, taking off his jacket and pulling out a laptop.

He couldn't have been more than 25 years old but his tattoos looked 40. There was an okay dragon on his arm, a faded-as-hell celtic band around one forearm and a snake outlined in greytones winding around the other. The snake ended with its head on his hand which I guess he didn't realize would... well ... look fairly penisy when he wore long sleeves.

I don't normally take so much note of random people on the bus but he brought out his computer which is usually an unwise thing to do on a bus. You never show a ton of possible robbers how much stuff you have. So I was curious and vaguely annoyed at him for breaking social protocol.

He put earbuds in his ears and played a video. I tried so hard not to look at his computer screen because rude, but after like ten minutes the curiosity got the better of me and I just had to know what he was watching. I took the coward's way out and looked at the reflection of his computer screen in the bus window and saw what appeared to be ... concert videos. I mean like those professionally made videos of a metal band, someone like Dimmu Borgir or someone else all dressed in spikes and black, playing at an outdoor festival with plenty of overhead pans of the enormous crowd.

Kind of like this. Sidenote: this show would have been amazing.

Alright, I thought, that's ... kind of weird but I can't help but admire his dedication to all that is metal I suppose.

I looked out the window, trying to just concentrate on my podcast and not on what some guy is doing in my vicinity. But I could still see the reflection of his computer screen and he had pulled up a Word document and started typing, with the band video still playing on the other half of the screen. He seemed to be looking back and forth between the two, then reading the document and then typing.

Maybe he's a metal scholar like Sam Dunn, I thought. Maybe he's working on some master's thesis or something brilliant. I just had to see. I shifted in my seat ever so subtly so I'd be able to glance at the words on his screen without arousing suspicion. I'd allow myself two to three seconds to read what I could and then look away again.

Okay, here I go! And ONETWOTHREE

... well I was not disappointed. The format was all in bullet points and all I really saw was the title of the document he was writing. It was

(Brutal font added for effect.)

I thiiiiink he might have been writing a song but who knows?

It might seem like I'm writing this post to make fun of the guy but in reality he was like the most awesome person I've seen in months basically. In this day and age of the hippity hops and the lady gagas it's nice to see someone not over the age of 35 enjoying music with guitars in it. I really should have given him a card to the tattoo shop I work at though, poor kid.

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