Thursday, 20 February 2014

throwback thursday

An old high school friend of mine posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook yesterday morning. They're of our group of friends from the 90s and early 00s. I am in some of them. I'd say unfortunately but you know what? I was kind of a babe in my early 20s so I'mma let it ride even though I have terrible posture in these photos.

I'm not sure what the occasion was here, but it was during my "live in a truck travel around Canada" phase for sure. I've got a home made Marilyn Manson t-shirt, brand new bleach blonde dreadlocks, an ex boyfriend and my best friend from high school all in one shot. Also my second tattoo ever is visible in the group photo. The cube. Look how white and tattoo-less I am!!

I have no idea where these were taken but it looks like we were in a moldy old dilapidated building with lime green tables and draft beer. Hmm.

It's pretty hilarious to look at the pics from high school because I don't remember us all being so ... 90s. We could be in some kind of horrible retro fashion look book. The plaid! The overalls! The black lipstick! The spaghetti strap tank tops! The cordless phones! In case you can't tell, my friends were the "bad girls". Look at the middle fingers and the smoking in the trees behind the school.

He also posted this:

So uh ... should I be worried about this?

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