Friday, 21 March 2014

Buy a print, help a dog! $20-$25

So remember mister Cabot the Dogue de Bordeaux from this post? His dog-mom Caroline has spent what must have been a good like 20 hours painting this tattoo-style portrait of his sweet widdle faaace, and she is selling prints. You guys, the detail in the painting is gorgeous. I got a good close-up look today and there's all these little individual hairs and details. It's lovely.

In her words:

hello everyone, as you may know, my sweet baby Cabot needs a very expensive knee surgery so he can be active again. I made this painting to help pay for it as I am currently spending the money I had saved for my taxes on it...!
Prints are 8x10
20$, shipping included in Canada, 25$, shipping included international.
the original painting will be donated to a Dogue de Bordeaux rescue organisation, so they can help dogs that are not as lucky as my Cabot.
if you are interested message me and I will let you know my paypal
Thank you for your support!
Reproductions à vendre!
Comme vous le savez peut-être, mon gros bébé Cabot à besoins d'une chirurgie dispendieuse pour retrouver sa mobilité. Je vend des reproductions de cette peinture pour aider à en couvrir les frais. Elles sont à 20$ pour un 8x10, incluant les frais postaux au Canada.
Je fais don de l'original à un organisme d'adoption de Dogue de Bordeaux, pour qu'ils puissent continuer à aider des chiens moins chanceux que mon Cabot.
Merci de votre support!

So in typical modest tattooer fashion she's not huge on the self promotion ... she can be found on Facebook here, or if you are lazy it's easier for you, you can also just comment below with your email address (or email me at and I'll get you the info and hook you up with a sick print yo.  Also if you're a secret millionaire you can donate money here.

Thanks guys! 

And please share this post on all the social media you can! :)

I just found out that if you donate any dollar amount over $25 here you will automatically get a print too! What a deal! :D

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