Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Ah man, look at this faaaace, just look at it!!!!!!  His name is Cabot (pronounced Cab-oh, it's french for "mutt"). I've met him like ten times, and he is literally the largest dog I've ever met. You can't really tell in the picture but he's HUGE. And he's always super gentle and happy and drooly. You can't say hi without getting slobber all over your pants.

Annnywayyy, Cabot is a 2 1/2 year old French Mastiff who belongs to one of the tattoo artists at my work, Caroline. And he hurt himself pretty badly while ... I think she said "chasing a skunk" but honestly I was busy doing something else at the same time we were having the conversation and I wasn't listening super carefully. Anyway he was on a walk and did something and started limping, and hasn't been able to put weight on his back leg ever since.

Cabot tore a ligament in his knee. He's seen vets and specialists and the consensus is he need a CRAZY EXPENSIVE surgery called TPLO, or Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy to fix his leg. Like it's going to cost upwards of five thousand dollars and involves cutting  and rotating his tibia so his weight is transferred onto a stronger ligament. One of the vets told Caroline it's known as "the cadillac of knee surgeries".

It's expensive and drives smoothly?

Anyway I don't know anybody who'd be financially ready to drop five thousand dollars on anything sudden like this, and Caroline is no exception. She and her husband flat out can't afford it right now.

Soooooooooo guys, here's where you come in.

Wait, wait, wait. First of all look at more pictures of this guy, and then I'll ask you for stuff.

Okay now that you are in love with Cabot and his crazy face, here's what you can do to help him.

First of all, there is now an organization (which is just some of us tattoo shop ladies basically) who have worked together to set up a Friends Of Cabot donation page here. 100 percent of the money is for Cabot's surgery. If you can only give like, a dollar, that's cool. That's one extra dollar towards the goal.

Second, Caroline is painting a portrait of Cabot right now and she will be making prints and selling them at $20 apiece including shipping. She posted a sneak peek of the painting this morning on Facebook, here's what it's looking like. I'll tell you all when they're available but you can also follow her on instagram, she's @tattoosparcaroline . You should follow her anyway, she's a great tattooer and totally underfollowed in my opinion.

If you aren't in a position to contribute financially at all, you can also help us out by sharing either this blog post, Cabot's donation page, or his Twitter account. Wait, did I not tell you he's now on Twitter? hahaha yeah. Well he is. So. RT his stuff. Any way you can get the word out to animal lovers is a huge help.

Caroline LOVES that freakin' dog and it is breaking her heart that she can't get him his surgery right away. If you can do anything to help us please do it! He's a big sweetheart and deserves the best.

Thanks guys!!

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